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photo 2aLast August 17, 2013 I went to Eastwood mall to attend the much waited BDJ Rendezvous. I went with Aya, Kath, and Gina, my blogger girlfriends at the same time BDJ Bella.

It was raining really hard that day. Our meeting place was in Gateway wall unfortunately the power went out.

We made it just in time, the program was about to start. IMG_2744a

The host for that day was Ms. Tracy Abad. She is very bubbly and gorgeous.

I haven’t took so many photos because yes, I am listening. Below are the snapshots of the speakers.


A Guide to Fashion Experimentation –  I learned about confidence in this segment. You can wear whatever you want, you do not have to follow the trend, you don’t have to spend thousands… All you have to do is carry yourself best in any outfit that you’ll wear. Makes sense to me.


How to Travel Alone as a Woman – This is my favorite because I am fascinated by travelling alone. I did it once and I want to do it again. The tips the speaker gave us is truly useful. And yes, I will save money and plan for my next travel, ALONE.


Fusing Tints and Shades with Benefit – This segment made me want to buy “They’re Real Mascara” as well as the 15 hour primer.

I forgot to take a photo of the last segment which is the Fire Up For Fitness because I was really inspired to get fit myself.

Overall this was a nice experience again from BDJ. I am excited for the BDJ Fair on October as much as I am excited to see my 2014 planner.

Until next event guys, I hope to see you in person next time.


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