Boracay 2012: Food Trip I (HUNGRY MONKEY)

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They say when get to a place you should taste their local food and other offerings. In my case, they have a good family friend who decided to put up a food business in Boracay.


It’s called Hungry Monkey owned by the Valle Family (if my eavesdropping is right Open-mouthed smile). I wonder where did they get the name but base on my own speculation Monkeys do have great appetite for food. I was too shy to interview Tita Chona (so lack of info here Thinking smile).

There accommodation shows the hospitality of Filipinos no matter where they go. They already treated our group during the first night and did the same the second night.

Here are the food we ate.

1. Roasted Chicken


2. Garlic Shrimp – This is a must taste. I am a fan of garlic and all its flavor was incorporated in the shrimp. Even BF ate shrimp. Yey! Winking smile Cheers for Ralph! He was the one who cooked this awesome shrimp. I am pretty sure that he’ll go far in his food business. He’s certified good cook find him when you visit the place.


3. Lumpiang Shanghai – Very tasty. I wonder what spices did they put here. It tastes different from the regular Lumpiang Shanghai. A.K.A Spring Rolls


4. California Maki – do I need to say more? I LOVE MAKI. Party smile


We ate this of course with white rice and we had cake for dessert.


Here’s a photo grid of their food offerings near the entrance. I hope they will expand the place to accommodate more customers. Overall it’s 5/5 for the TASTE.

HUNGRY MONKEY is located at Phase 4 DMALL Boracay, Balabag, Philippines. I am inviting all beach goers to try this place when you get to Boracay.

Once again I am thanking the Valle Family for serving us sumptuous meal. I was so full. Nice meeting you. Smile

Until my next food trip,


UP NEXT: 928 Café & Grill & D’Talipapa paluto

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