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It is Thursday already and I am stuck monitoring some travel arrangements in the office. My days have been good to me, I was shaken by the series of event but nonetheless, I know there is a reason for everything.

Ok enough! Last Sunday I spent my afternoon with bff Katleya we went to a beauty event together then stayed at SM megamall for some f21 shopping and coffee.

When we are about to go home, we felt hungry. 

We ate at Kyo Chon, curious about their chicken. We ordered the Combo 1: 10 wings, a salad, two rice, and two soda. I asked for a combination flavor for wings (Original and Red Series).


The salad for me is a so-so, cause the dressing is not enough and the red cabbage was too stiff. 

As for the chicken, men it is the most spicy wings I ever had. It stays in your lips and at the tip of your toungue. You’re going to sweat and will feel literally hot.

As for the original flavor, it’s garlicy. All the flavors were in the crispy skin, not much on the meat but I am not complaining. 

If you love buffalo wings, this is 10x spicier unless you have high tolerance with red chili peppers. 

I need to try the honey version of this, I am sure it’ll be nice.

Special mention, the Japanese rice is amazing.


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