Hello for everyone, 12 days outside the blogosphere was depressing. I am proud of myself that I was able to fix the problems (even if I am not an IT), my host sucks.

I upgraded my 700MB storage to 10GB and after that I cannot access my site anymore. It says Fatal Error here and there. I read Forums, Talked to ITS, Asked Pinoy Techie Bloggers, and more people.

Everyday I complained why I cannot access my site and they told me that I need to pay Php400/hour in exchange for their web developer to fix the site.

I did not pay any additional money and they were forced to fix the problem.


Long story but I am glad I am back. I even told myself that I will redo the entire site just to cater to the giveaway announcement on Friday or Saturday. 50

I have remained in touch via Facebook Page, Twitter, and everywhere else. I would like to thank my readers for encouraging me to fix the site.

I spent my 12 days reading Fifty Shades Trilogy and The Marriage Bargain. I also had time making more accessories with my mom-in-law. I happy about the results of these hematite accessories.

Hematite Accessory For Sale

I sold eight pieces already. I spent my 12 nights inserting one bead to the other.


I am making pearl and vintage accessories, here are some of my designs *CLICK* I am selling it for Php200 and below.

I am now fixing the store subdomain to further enhance the business. I was offered two jobs too.


I guess my blog MIA activity was a blessing in disguise.

Oh by the way, I am joining this event on Saturday.

Beyond The Blush

Who’s coming? Let’s meet up.


P.S. I missed everyone.

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