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Hello Friday!

My site encountered a major spammer/hacker attack that is why I was absent. I thank the technical support team of my host for their help.

I just want to share my new light for taking photos. I am not always at home to catch the sun that is why most of my product shots are done at night.

I need sufficient light. At first I rely on my LED bulb but then I used a customized light box and once enclose the lights were not captured.

I tried to use one desk lamp but there was a shadow on the side.

So I add one more desk lamp and this.


LED Halogen Light 3 watts • Ace Hardware • Php699.75

If you’ll notice it’s a little expensive but then again some foundations that I buy for product review purposes is more expensive than this light. It justifies my investments, actually the supportive boyfriend bought this for me.

Now photos look like this. (Photos below are for product reviews next week Thumbs up)


I also replaced my light box into a plain folder because I need both sides open for the left and right lamps.

I also changed the setting of my camera. The photo above was taken using my Canon Powershot s90 with the these settings: Aperture Priority • f5/6 • 1/60 • +1/3 • ISO 80 • Macro

This setting captures brighter photos minimizing my post process. I used Photoshop cs5 for my photos. Most of the time I just adjust the levels and the curves to make the color more vivid. I like vivid photos!

I am happy with the results. My college subjects (Photo Journalism, Basic Photography, Feature/News Writing)  and hobby (Photoshop & InDesign) was really helpful to come up with images/posts that I am proud to upload.

For face of the days, I used the front camera of my phone for quick posting but for blog photo purposes I prefer the natural lighting (by the window) to capture the real face. Sometime these lights are too bright for the skin (and they are pretty hot too).

How are the photos now?

I want to open a new segment on my blog where I will share blogging tips – writing, photo processing, and technical tips to all my readers who wants to create a blog as well.

Does it sounds good? I am not a professional on anything these are just my plain hobby and those things I will share come from the book I read and personal experience.

Let me know if what do you want to read and I am more happy to write a post about it.

So glad to be blogging again!


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