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It’s definitely Fall in the other side of the planet and here in the Philippines it’s rainy (flooding) season. I am not familiar if we have trends (I suck, right?) but most of the time we follow trends from other countries.

Though we don’t have Fall here rainy season is kind of cold and layering clothes is in again. I like wearing my scarves during this time and boots. But sometimes I end up wearing my jelly shoes because I am a commuter.

I searched Mr. Google for the Fall makeup tend and I stumble upon Allure’s website. Look what I have found.

*All photos are linked to its original source*

1. Black Cherry Lips – Very vampy for me, I feel like I am watching True Blood here. Mulberry lips is all in, so I think I might try that instead.

2. Brown Smokey Eyes – Until now I haven’t perfected my brown Smokey I think it doesn’t suit me especially if it’s matte. Touch of Mocha and Gold would be my better option.

3. Green Eye shadow – This one is very wearable for me. I like olives, camouflage, and leafy green is my choice. I haven’t tried Neon and Apple Green for my eyes. I think it’s weird. haha But for this season the runway opt for Jewel toned green, emerald.

4. Graphic Black Cat Eyes – This one reminds me of Cleopatra. TRIVIA: Makeup started during Cleopatra’s time. I wonder what makeups she had used (I better ask Mr. Google again). To achieve bold look like this gel and liquid liners are the best. I love this eye makeup I do it all the time.

5.  Gold Accents – When I read gold accents I immediately think of Greek Goddesses. I like gold on my lids.

6. Cobalt Accented Eyes – I have seen this bright liners from Lime Crime and I still need a justice before purchasing one but they are so cool. I think this also what they call futuristic eyes.

7. Bright Matte Lips – I think this trend never goes out of style. Matte lips is such a statement and wearing them is easier compared to glossy lip colors. I want to wear an orange matte lipstick as in Mandarin Orange, orange. haha

8.  Picture Perfect Skin – For this one a good foundations is a must. We do not want to look like a frying pan here or a chalky face. As we grow older our skin changes and I believe makeup nor topical skin care can maintain it, it should be maintain from the inside – veggies, water, and vitamins.

9. APRÈS-SKI CHEEKS – A healthy flushed is in this season. Maybe because it’s cold and we tend to be pale that is why we need a hint of color. From the article it says to choose cream blushes because it give a translucent quality and reveals your skin natural texture. Unlike liquid it is hard to blend and Powder look like makeup (of course it’s make up).

10. Groomed Brows – Some girls are born with thick brows and I find it easier to groom. I have thin hairs in my brows and I cannot achieve symmetry whenever I do it myself. But hey practice makes perfect right? I look forward perfecting my brows. The article and me recommended the same product Revlon Brow Fantasy (click to see my review). Thin brows looks unnatural and will adds up to your age while thick brows are youthful.

So that’s for the Fall Makeup Trends. I am sure other websites has their own list and I am going to check it out too. I might as well try these first and find my mulberry lipstick.

Any suggestions?

Have you tried any Fall Makeup? Comment your links below and I will check it out.



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