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I am a foot spa addict. I love looking at the dry skin fall out on the salon’s floor (yeah, gross!) It makes me feel contented that somehow my feet will appear soft and smooth.

All the while I thought getting foot spa regularly will get rid of my stubborn callus, but I can do that in one-hour without the trip to a salon. My view on foot spa changed when I met this product – Foot Appeal.


I got this from my July BDJ Box.

So what is this?


Foot Appeal’s unique formula speeds up the natural skin renewal process. It allows the outer skin to mature and peel away painlessly, giving way for new skin to surface.


  1. What to expect:
    Dead skin peel off naturally without pain between 2 – 7 days.
  2. You can aid the peeling by rubbing foot gently with clean cloth or palm of your hand.
  3. To speed up process, soak your feet in warm water once the peeling begins.
  4. The skin peeling effect may vary among people.


  • Precautions:
    Follow instructions carefully.
  • Use foot appeal plastic socks immediately after opening
  • Do a patch test before using, if your skin is really sensitive
  • Do not expose the product to extremely high or low temperature or direct sunlight
  • Keep out reach of the children
  • Avoid soaking feet in foot appeal sock for more than 2 hours
  • If there’s an open wound on your feet, it is advisable to wait until it’s fully healed before using this product
  • It is recommended to use Foot Appeal Socks every 2 to 3 months
  • Do not forcefully remove or peel-off the dead skin when the peeling starts. This may cause damage to the new skin.
  • Directions:





I find the socks too low-cut the product inside spilled when I inserted my foot. You can smell the salicylic acid. It feels like you just worn a wet plastic socks and it is not difficult to rinse off.

The peeling started on my third day. I noticed that the more you wet your feet or the more you sweat  the peeling will go faster.



The peeling is addicting, well for me, I cannot stop peeling the dead skins until there’s nothing to peel at all.

It really revealed a new skin and yes! pinkish skin. No need for foot blush if you have revealed a new skin.


This is how my feet look like now. It is softer and it looks like I never been barefooted in any day of my life.

Though I still have tough callus on my sole I was very satisfied with the result. It is totally painless.

And for a product to give such amazing results… P279 (P399) is worth it.

Available at: Watsons, Selected Robinsons Department Store, Shopwise, Unimart, Makati Supermarket, Ever Sucat & Ortigas, LCC, PCX, Puregold Subic, and Puregold Clark.

For Inquiries: call (02) 733-8300 or visit them on Facebook


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