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It’s Thursday today and it will be weekend again. Just this morning I noticed ten comments on my disqus spam folder, as you all know I participate in comment exchange among other bloggers. This is a good way to get regular readers like what I have been to other blogs too.

Before I continue with today’s post I just want to emphasize something (if you haven’t read my ABOUT page).

DISCLAIMER: What I write here is purely my opinion. Products featured in this site were bought using my own money. Products I got for free will be identified. Thus, I do not hard sell products I featured here, I am just giving you an idea what the product is about. We also have unique interpretation and ways on how to use a particular product. We have our own FREE WILL.

If you remember my post on ELF 85 piece complete the look palette I said that it is great for travel. Yes it is great for people like me who usually go out of town for a couple of days or even a week. I attend meetings in the morning and parties at night, I even do makeup for my colleagues. So bringing a handy palette which contains almost all workable color for me and my colleagues is a great deal.

For regular days, I don’t bring big palettes instead I have e/s in duos, trios, quads, and so on.

MAC Eyeshadow

I got these MAC e/s from my sister, her mother in law gave her tons of these. I actually own twelve of these, I end up giving it away because I feel selfish having palettes in my dresser and not use it.

The remaining are the colors that I can play around every now and then.

MAC Eyeshadows

For the POWDER 6 COLOR E/S on the first row, I like them. I like them because it has white and black color in it or at least a dark color for lining the eyes or for night makeup. My favorite is the 3rd one – bronze, browns, mahogany.


Fifth Palette Swatch

They are pigmented even without a primer BUT I still use primer to make it last longer.

As for CREAM 4 COLOR E/S on the second row… Well I find it hard to use them, it is not that creamy. I need to scrape them first before I can use them.


First Palette Swatch

See how light the color is? They are great for e/s base or highlight. Since it’s cream  it might do good on my waterlines too.

I wonder if these palettes are authentic or if there such products like these. I haven’t buy MAC products or if I will buy maybe it’s going to be their foundation. I am still in the process of not spending too much on makeups even though I love them.


E/S like these are great to bring in the office. You can always have one neutral palette inside your bag just in case you need to paint your eyes at night. It will not take so much space and you will not worry that it will break. Just be sure that it will not hit the floor because more likely it will turn into a loose e/s.

STILL… it depends on you what kind of makeup that you are comfortable to carry around with.

By the way, we still have I think 1 or 2 pcs. each of these just let me know if you are interested to buy it. I am selling it for Php200 ONLY.

I will be happy to hear your thoughts about this post.



P.S. I will be at the Lolita Launch later. Who’s coming?

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