How I clean my makeup brushes?

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I posted a photo on Instagram/Facebook and I received various comments on how I clean my brushes so I am sharing it now.

I am obsessed cleaning them because I had breakouts when I use them repeatedly without cleaning. Since then I see to it that after using them, especially face brushes, I clean them immediately.

I have different technique when cleaning them and this is so far the easiest.



Instead of using my hands to swirl around the brushes back and forth, I find this facial cleansing pad more convenient. It saves my (delicate) hands from getting rough.

For synthetic brushes, I remove the product first using a makeup remover. You can use cleansing oil or any makeup remover if you wish. Most of the face products – BB Creams and Foundations, are thick and if you run them in water, the makeup will adhere to the bristles. Removing the makeup on to the brushes before bathing them ease up the process.

For animal hair brushes, you can bathe them directly because the suds from the soap effectively remove the powder makeups on the bristles.

For eye shadow/brow brushes, you may spot clean them first. If you do same makeup for days, you may clean them once a week to lessen the hassle.


  1. Remove the product from the brush using a makeup remover
  2. Wet the brush
  3. Pump you liquid soap on to the cleansing pad
  4. Swirl your brush until the makeup is removed
  5. Repeat the process if necessary
  6. Rinse
  7. Air dry them upside down to protect the base

Always spare time cleaning your brushes. Cleaning your brushes regularly makes your brushes live longer and your face zit free.

Do this to your sponges as well.

I hope my way of cleaning them gave you an idea on how to clean yours.

I will do a video demonstration to support this video so please do watch out for that.


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