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Hello Tuesday,

I am in the middle of a meeting while doing this post. Should I call this addiction or dedication?

I just want to give you something to read after eating, that’s why.

This my first haul post. I am resisting to buy additional stuff in my makeup stash but I just can’t resist it. So I guess from time to time I will have haul posts, maybe monthly?

Buying makes me feel relief in some ways. Do you agree?

Here are the things I bought last July 12.

1. Shawill Mono EyeShadow – PHP 69.00


Is it a brown? a bronze? a plum? I bought this one to use in the Lily Collins inspired look I tried (Check it out here) my best friend was feeling guilty that I have to bought an eye shadow for the look she requested.

I like this one because it has a subtle shimmer and it’s pigmented. A real steal for its price.

2. Shawill Pretty Color Eyeliner in White – PHP 98.00



The truth is they have other colors to choose from more vibrant. They have blue green, amethyst blue, apple green, pink, and purple.

I tested purple and apple green and that is my next target.

I chose white because it can be put over any color of eye shadow. Its transparency will make a simple eye shadow shine.

Also a steal.

3. False Eyelashes – PHP 22.00 each


This is my second set of falsies as I am not keeping them for a long time. My first set of falsies from Hong Kong said that it is good ONLY for three uses. So after events (three events) I am throwing them out. My next formal event to attend is on October.

I will be having a good article about this falsies so better watch out.

That’s it for my haul. I will have a Revlon Clearance Haul maybe on Friday? haha

Thank you for reading.


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