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I told my self that I will show you a video demo that is why I am hiding this post. This is my fifth BB cream purchase if my memory serves me right. I have a love and hate relationship when it comes to BB cream and I always end up giving it away.

But my new BB Cream will never get out of my kit ever again. Why?

Let me show you the packaging.

Php960 (I got it at 10% off in SM North Edsa)

Available at Kanebo Counters in leading department stores.

As usual I do not know why I bought it. I just passed by their counter and the SA said they’re on sale. I was in a hurry because le boyfriend was waiting for me (I told him I was the ladies room well in fact I was at the cashier). This was a quick purchase – “Wow it’s pretty, okay I will I get it.”

It comes in a squeeze tube bottle, similar to a toothpaste.

And is available in two shades. I was convincing the SA that I am getting the lighter shade but she said I do not have to because this BB Cream will not be eaten by my acidic sweat. LOL

So I got the natural one.

I was amazed how thick this BB Cream is. It’s very easy to blend and gives medium to full coverage. It glides on very smoothly and unlike other BB Creams I’ve tried it doesn’t dry up very quickly, it dries just enough time that it’s blended to the skin.

I used my fingers to blend it to my face but it’s better if you will use a flat top brush for a more precise finish.


My skin is dull and I have bad eye bags. I also have broken capillaries on my cheeks as well as some pimple marks (thankfully I could still count them).

I don’t wear makeup everyday because I am on a hurry and this BB Cream became a staple inside my kit. I now apply it at the car or wash my face again in the office and do my regular makeup up.

Although this product has a thick consistency it doesn’t feels heavy on the skin.

I have no protest with the smell and the packaging is perfect – I mean it doesn’t spill unlike other products that’s too watery.

It lasts the whole day.

It brightens up my face and did I mention that it has SPF? It has SPF 41 which a plus factor for me. If I forgot my sunblock this BB Cream got me covered.

And it’s true though I am acidic the product did not oxidize, the color remain the same, even healthy looking.

And my hate relationship with BB creams – my sudden breakouts?? I did not experience any breakouts at all.

My only comment would be the packaging there’s no English translation about the product. It only has a sticker stating the Philippine Distribution.

As a consumer, I want to read the labels to know the description, product claims, ingredients, and the direction for use. Since it is in Japanese I did not understand any.

Also, this is a little expensive for a BB Cream. The price is close to a foundation even higher for some brands. But since it’s performed well on my face I don’t mind getting it again.

This is one of my shopping splurge that I did not regret.

What’s your favorite BB Cream?




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