Krave Misty Spritz 3 in 1 Makeup Setting Spray

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Finally I am back! I’ve been busy with the board meeting last Wednesday and I am finishing our newsletter. Whenever I do layouts I cannot be disturbed and I am productive if I am out of the web. LOL

I actually missed two events last weekend because of the weather. It’s really hard living away from the Metro, no social life. Crying face


All of us ladies want to make our makeup last at least the whole day especially under the Philippine weather (hot, icky, humid). I’ve seen some techniques saying water can do the trick but there are products in the market that promise the benefits++.

This is my setting spray,  Krave Misty Spritz 3 in 1 Makeup Setting Spray which I got from their anniversary launch last January.  Krave Misty Spritz 3 in 1 Makeup Setting Spray

It comes in a bottle that looks like Aficionado Perfumes. Hot smile

Krave Misty Spritz 3 in 1 Makeup Setting Spray

Krave Misty Spritz 3 in 1 Makeup Setting Spray

Product Description:

Misty Spritz makeup setting spray gives you 3 in 1 benefits: Anti-Aging, Anti- Bacterial, and Anti-Oxidant from Rooibos Tea, Green Tea, and White Tea. It just not help your makeup last longer but it also controls excess oil at the same time.


Spray it anytime & anywhere to kill the bacteria formation obtained from outside pollution. It keeps you from often retouches. Just one to two spray and your make up will look & feel fresh again.


Aqua, White Tea extract, Rooibos Tea Extract, Green Tea Extract, MSM, SHA, Terrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid


Net Wt. 60 ml | Price Php450.00 | Available online or to local distributors

Now my comments will come from its product description so I can point out whether the claims are true for me or not.

The Thumbs Up:

  • Skin Benefits: Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Bacterial ~ I love the anti bacterial part here simply because I feel that my face is cleansed and rejuvenated after each spray. My face doesn’t feel heavy even with makeup.
  • The bottle size fits my daily kit and it’s sturdy. I am not sure if it’s glass or hard plastic.
  • My face makeup: BB Cream/Foundation/Powder stays in place.
  • Shine control but only minimal, if you are are really oily I am not sure if it will be effective.
  • No itchiness and breakouts

The Thumbs Down:

  • Availability, online only. Sometimes I prefer grabbing immediately in stores instead of waiting for the delivery.
  • It melts non-waterproof makeup especially liquid liners and mascara.
  • When mixed with eye shadows, nothing happens.  (Used loose mineral eye shadow)


  • Price ~ I am not familiar with other setting sprays so this could be expensive or inexpensive
  • There’s a tingling sensation around the nose and other blemished parts of the face. Maybe because of the extracts?

Overall I will use this spray to refresh my skin and ready my face for touch ups. I ended up having raccoon eyes when I sprayed it on my eye area. I need to try other setting sprays to compare, so far I have a good relationship with this spray at the moment. Thumbs up

I hope a gave you an insight about this product and let me know your recommendations below. I want to try other setting spray.

I also learned a DIY version of it which I will show to everyone SOON.


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