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There is no such thing as too much makeup for girls. Lovely palettes like these always have a place in my storage. I went walking to SM Department store like two months ago and I saw these.

It will definitely catch your attention because the design is minimalist and elegant. Even the font used gives a character. The packaging is made of a carton, similar to coastal scents revealed palette if I can compare.

Like any other collection, they have the basic, for eyeshadow, it’s nude, pink, and smoky. For the cheeks, they have glow, spiced, and (a name that I forgot).

LA Girl_eyeshadow_Smoky

P399.00 || SM Department Store


LA Girl_eyeshadow_Smoky_Colors

Of course I will pick smoky because I like smoky eyes look for most events. And this L.A. Girl Smoky Eyeshadow palette gives me the option to do a navy blue or gray smoky makeup look.

LA Girl_eyeshadow_Smoky_swatch

The color payoff is okay, some shadows seem to be chalky like especially the matte ones, but I like the shimmery eyeshadow in the this palette.

I would say this palette is flexible because the possibility of combinations are endless. The palette includes a pretty decent brush too. The mirror is helpful enough to get your eyes done.

Moving on with the blush palette, gosh, it’s my instant favorite.

LA Girl Blush_GlowLa Girl Blush_Glow_Swatch

If you will look at it closely, each pan has this “Blush”, “Bronzer”, and “Highlight” words embossed on them. So instead of having printed on the package it’s in the product itself. Of course, regular usage would erase the labels, but definitely you’ll get the hang of it after a while. I am sure we can all differentiate them, right?

The pigmentation of this product is amazing, it suits the Asian skin tone plus you can also use it as eyeshadow (talk about multi functional). You may see the bronzer as too orange, but it’s perfect for subtle contour or sun kissed glow. I like the first blush more as the second has shimmers on it.

I would say this product is a great purchase for starters as they give options for you to practice your makeup skills. They are slim enough to fit your purse and stash like it belongs there.

The price is reasonable. You may check out their kiosk in SM Department Stores to check other options.

Stay tuned for a #FOTD post.

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