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I still consider myself as a newbie and even though I have accepted side jobs while I was working years before; the feeling that you are no longer employed is liberating. I attended the Freelancer Fair last Saturday (September 2) at the Bayanihan Events Place in Mandaluyong.  I was nervous and excited at the same time, I printed new business cards which I designed last-minute, cut it by hand while my best friend printed a set as well. She joined me in the fair and we both embrace the freelancer life.

When I got in, I realized how many talents are out there attending events like this to leverage. We listened to the talks, hopped booth to booth, said hi to people, gave out our cards. We took down notes of what is important to us from different talks they prepared for us. The event is an eye opener – freelancers are known to be online workers, a writer, virtual assistant, blogger, and the likes. What we don’t know is that offline gigs like makeup artistry, photography, fitness training, and event planning are the other face of freelancing. Which I am both part of.

So, what exactly happened to the fair and how would it help freelancer like you and me to attend again next year?

#RiseoftheFree_Manila Workshops_Freelancer Fair

The program started with a keynote from DCAP which stands for Digital Career Advocates of the Philippines, I didn’t know this existed. An association sharing the advocacy of freelancing around the country while making a noise to be supported by the government.

Then it went to business registration and taxation courtesy of Taxumo. Taxumo, is a genius by the way because they help freelancers pay their taxes without the hassle. I hope they’ll support government contributions too and SME’s in the next coming months.

Next was finding your purpose, courtesy of Haraya Coaching. The talk was fascinating as Ms. Jackie Caniza threw out some questions for you to answer.

We had lunch afterwards, then come back with a talk from Mr. Allan Ngo, where he discussed the power of email marketing. I thought my emails were effective, but it seems to be I have a lot to improve.

The next series of topics covered fitness freelancing, real estate freelancing, and financial advisor freelancing. You will notice that there is a lot in the world that you can try. You just need to figure out what it is.

In between of each presentation, there were panel discussions where the audience can interact through texting, thanks to Infotext and thanks to the questions we were able to learn more.

And in the end, what I learned is that you need to get out there. Never be shy marketing yourself and approaching strangers because you really do not know what that person can offer to you or you can offer to them. It could be your big break or the plot twist of your life that you have been waiting for.

#RiseoftheFree_Manila Workshops_Freelancer Fair

I also get to practice some stuff I learned from John Maxwell’s book – Attitude 101. You should let go on criticizing and enjoy the moment instead. As I notice some details being an event planner myself, this was not my event, and I diverted my attention in socializing and listening to the talks.

Lastly, attend events like this, to meet mentors, to meet new clients, to meet new friends, and to learn. I guess stalking Manila Workshops for work before was a blessing in disguise cause I met Ginger, the CEO of Manila Workshops, she is my inspiration now. I beyond excited to learn and upgrade myself.

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Do you attend events like this?

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