Maven Magazine’s Beyond the Blush (Second Leg) at Glorietta 3

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My weekend was tiring. I didn’t have the chance to sleep all day but I had fun.

I attended the second leg of Maven Magazine’s Beyond the blush at Glorietta 3 with my blogger friends. Honestly if not because of Helen’s post about the event and Nicole’s convincing power for me to sign up, I will never have a fantastic Saturday.

I was so happy because from their Facebook Page a lot readers were complaining of not receiving any confirmation message and from my end I just registered Wednesday and received the confirmation couple of hours after.

*banana dance*

So I met Helen at the MRT North Avenue Station then we went to the event together. [Helen is so fun to be with she has a lot of interesting gossips I mean stories LOL] so from North to Ayala station we are talking and talking and talking.

We were a little confuse about the actual location of the Venue because there was a healing mass going on. Even the concierge didn’t know about the event.

Finally, we arrived and we met Nicole there. [Nicole looks so young and charming]

I thought we are not going to sit beside each other but another participant gave way.

The fun part begins….

Hosted by MYX VJ Bianca Roque the program flow was spontaneous (comment of a first timer).

I must admit I took limited photos because I intend to listen.

Sweet Patti Cakes

This cupcake was from Sweet Patti Cakes. I thought I can choose a letter but everything is ‘M’ Jeez! It stands for MAVEN so no ‘S’ hahaha

Manny O wine served their Pink Champagne.

Sitting back (while we chat – Nicole, Helen, and me). [Nicole and Helen took my Kikay Kit which is now in the laundry because I realized it was dirty]

The first talk is about personality development. This is what I learned:
Formula to success

I love the flagging technique to know whether you have a cool or warm undertone.

Global Image Management Inc.

Karen Ostrea of Global Image Management Inc. – the lady in blue generously shared her knowledge on power dressing. I must say my (our) age is indeed about power dressing.


Next talk was from Benefit. They featured some of their latest products as well shown a demo on how to achieve a natural look.

I liked the technique of blending the primer to the foundation. The chief makeup Diva is really gorgeous, she is pregnant. I also saw industry acquaintance Paula (from SkyCable) who is now working with Benefit.


After Benefit, Nivea took the floor and discussed skin basics.

#1 Cleansing, # Exfoliating, # Toning, # Moisturizing

Dermatologist from Prime Skin Asia also tackled the importance of deodorant and sunblock.

After this talk my name was called! HOORAY!

I took home Nivea products.


After the quick raffle. This funny man from Amplius – Ben Ampil taught us the Taxi Method to success.

Where do you want to go?

How will you get there?

How will you know if you are there?

Yikes! I can answer the cab driver but as of the moment I cannot answer myself. I am pretty sure I am aiming for IPhone 5. haha

He also taught us how to save.


He even inserted how to find PRINCE CHARMING. He said I LOVE YOU over the microphone to his lovely wife. <3


Going back to make up, The Face Shop showcased their K-POP Day & Night look. The two girls above are their brand ambassadors.

They give away the items they demonstrated. The girl in #27 won the K-POP beauty book, she’s so lucky.

Then Tokyo Posh also gave a talk. (Sorry no photo) I love the Blair extensions.

My name was called again, I won GC’s from The B Lounge (Hair Spa and Back Massage).

Lucky day for me.

Wrapping up, we bond for a while and took pictures.


Me, Nicole, and Peachy Pink Sisters (Dawn & Liz). Helen was the one taking photos.

Check out their blogs to read interesting perspective of this event plus more photos.

Our day ended bringing home this…

Maven Magazine

Helen took home like 7, 8, 10 of these loots. hahaha Watch out for her post about her overflowing goodies.

Maybe tomorrow I will show you what’s inside.  Maven became my additional magazine to subscribe and read. Smile

Maven Magazine

Looking forward to the next event.


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