Mentholatum Therapy Lip Gel

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Is your lips extremely dry? And your lip balms nor petroleum jelly cannot do the trick? Better read on as I unfold a product I saw in mercury drug.


I was buying some toiletries and I saw this near the ointments. I read the back label and learned that it’s for dry lips.


It’s best for both wind & sun burnt lips. Since it’s menthol it has a cooling sensation.


I looks like the Vaseline Petroleum Lip Therapy.


Very simple and straightforward packaging. It looks like a prescription ointment.

It costs Php108.75 a little expensive for a balm, I would say this is not necessary unless your doctor prescribe you to get one.

I’ve been using it every night and my lips is very supple the next day. My lips are often dry because I lack fluids and I find this product very helpful.

I don’t recommend using this before any other lip products as it’s a bit runny. Its emollient properties is too thick to be covered by a lipstick or a gloss.

This product is really on a medicine side.

So if you have extremely dry lips look for this in Leading Drugstores otherwise if your Chapstick, Carmex, Blistex, EOS, and the like does the trick, again, not necessary.

Always drink plenty of water to keep you dehydrated and your skin supple.



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