Music is life with Fukuda Home Theater Speaker

Me Time

Music Mood

Music upgrades everything. It changes your feelings in an instant. It can make you happy when you are down, you can feel a butterfly in your stomach with serenades, it can even help you relax. Most of the time I used music to focus and isolate myself from the world. Yes, I turn the volume up when I commute.

If you ask about my music taste, I am probably stuck in the 90’s. I believe it is the era of the most wonderful music of all time. You have your favorite boybands and the R&B from Dreamsounds! Comment if you can relate. It was also the bridge era where you can relate to your parent’s era. I am in love with the Bread and other love songs.

Music Tools

Since I already gave you a music throwback, we are also the ones who experience cassette tapes for some Donna Cruz, CD’s (Disc Man), and then the iPod. Do you remember Limewire and Bearshare? If you studied near university belt and you might also buy a personalized CD with your chosen music.

Nostalgic, right?

Now we have Spotify. It’s like the best splurge you could give to yourself. My Spotify is abused by the current LSS that I have – Unlonely by Jason Mraz and 2002 by Anne-Marie.

Then I switched to some classical collections for deep focus and meditation.

Musical Scoring

Even movies and TV series became better with music. If you liked a movie you end up listening to the entire OST albums. I remember for the movie Begin Again and some Korean series Goblin and Descendants of the Sun.

Even for live shows, such as, wedding receptions, I see to it that the transition and choice of music is good because it changes everything.

I remember my good old days in school where our exams were TV and radio production. Sound effects and musical scoring really changed the entire performance.

Musical directors are geniuses. Who would play the Carpenters on Kill Bill, right? It started the killing scenes in movies with out of the box music choice.

Music and Technology

I love an earphone with a good bass quality. I like my heart being pump up with the beat of any song. It’s contradicting that I love a good old love song, but I love my Chainsmokers kind of vibe. Although I do not splurge with good headsets, I used what is included in my phone. Some are gifts and giveaways from events. I think I own around five Bluetooth speakers and then one headset as a token for a recent speaking engagement.

Now my latest favorite is this enormous 2.1 Channel Subwoofer Home Theater from Fukuda. I love it because of its Bluetooth feature and wireless microphone.

Music with Fukuda Home Theater

At first, I thought it was like the small pocket Bluetooth speakers we all know. I missed the Home Theater part because it is big. Well, simply because I do not have enough space in our room to set it up.

Fukuda Speaker


  • Bluetooth, FM Radio, USB/SD & Microphone
  • Power 230V ~ 60Hz
  • Output Power: 40W + 15W*2
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz ~ 20KHz
  • M.P.O: 300W
  • S/N Ratio: 78dB

What I like

  • It is white, and it can adapt to any home design especially for the minimalist interior.
  • Since most of the time I used Spotify and YouTube for playback, this feature is the biggest plus point of this component.
  • I was a bit off when I heard the bass I thought it was low quality. I found out that the equalizer setting of my Spotify is set to normal. LOL
  • LED Display. I do not know it just looks posh for me to see the moving equalizer dance to its beat.
  • Wireless Microphone. We love to sing and host celebration a speaker with a microphone is a plus for this. It’s compatible with known singing apps like smule.
  • Simple Controls. There are no complicated buttons for adjusting any setting. You can just use the knob control from choosing the source to adjusting the volume and echo.

What I least like

  • Wireless Microphone. It is battery operated, I would love this more if it rechargeable.
  • Since we don’t have a space for it, it is hard to assemble it to be used regularly. It’s perfect to be set up with your TV set.

With this, a normal day of music will be an instant celebration because of this beauty. We can sing, play music, and party. We used it for a Korean BBQ Party we recently hosted at home.

Fukuda Home Theater Speaker

My Music Playlist

Since I’ve shared all about music in this post, why not share my abused Playlist that you can check out too. I am sure my year-end report will be colorful.

These are not my own curated playlist but I love them. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. What is your music playlist?

Fukuda 2.1 Channel Home Theater was given to DISHYSAMMY for editorial consideration. You can buy it here for the Lazada 9.9 campaign and you may follow Fukuda Asia here for more products.

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