My 25th Birthday Beauty Haul

Haul & Shops

First of all I would like to thank all my friends, readers, followers, colleagues who greeted me on my birthday  [Read the birthday post here]  Your greetings are overwhelming and it made my celebration extra special. Sam Lanuza-25th Birthday

Of course I would reward myself for being such a good girl for 24 years. *laughs* I looked forward to this month to buy items on my wish list and there were impromptu purchases along the way.

Let’s begin!

Vanity Mirro with lights - custom made

Vanity Mirror with lights • Purple Matte with Gold 17×20 PHP2,500 • Black Matte 12×16 PHP1,800 • From @myprettyreflections in Instagram

This is the main event of the haul. I really want to have one ever since I saw it in my Facebook feeds. This would also be the main source of light for my makeup of the day posts. Of course it is purple, but I also bought a smaller version for my makeup gigs. I learned from my friends that a small trolley and this mirror will save my life in future makeup assignments.

Vanity Mirror with lights custom made

This is how it looks like in my apartment room now.

Next items are the impromptu items I bought. My high school friends requested for a basic makeup chit-chat and they were just starting their kits so we went to SM Cubao and ransack the shelves. JK!

Since the SM department store was promoting 10% discount on every PHP1500; I joined them in getting new beauty items.

Beauty Tools Haul - Watsons


These tools are for my client.

Maybelline Mascara-Myra BB Cream

Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara PHP199 • Myra Vita Glow BB Cream PHP99

I cannot believe for the price drop of the mascara. You know us? We never miss a good deal. Agree? As for the Myra BB Cream, I am just curious because it is inexpensive.

Etude House Haul

Color my Brows #5 PHP378 • Drawing my Brow PHP148 • Bronzer PHP278

These are stock replenishment and I wanted to try EH products, so far I love the brow mascara. I got a free berry sheet mask too.

Saizen Kitchen Towel Saizen Cotton Pad - Square


Saizen Facial Tissue 5s


I always buy paper products at Saizen, for PHP 85.00 I will have a 1 – 3 months supply of tissues. Amazing?

Last but the least, this is a weird haul, but this will be very useful not just in my kitchen but also in my beauty regimens.

Kitchen Beauty Haul


These are the classic natural remedies that we all should have. We’ll never know when we will be needing them. I shall post a separate article for the uses of these kitchen wonders in the future.

So there! Cheers for another 365 days to live.

Happy Birthday to me!




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