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Before the 2-in-1 Priva arrived in my doorstep, I have purchased this Betadine Bliss Fresh after my NaFlora. Well, I am a little adventurous when it comes to products and when it’s new, I want to try it.

Betadine has always been the prescribed Feminine Wash by most Ob-Gyne, at least the one I have spoken with. Unfortunately, it’s not for everyday use, they recommend it if you have an acute V infection or during your period, ONLY. You can use a max of three times a week if I am right. When I saw this, wow! an everyday feminine wash from betadine.


Of course, my lens is once again out of focus. Sorry about that guys. ūüôĀ


Experience freshness with the Betadine Fresh Bliss! It is delicately formulated for daily gentle cleansing, with Anti Itch Avena Oats that helps soothe and prevent itching and Gentle Defense Lactic Acid to protect your intimate area from unpleasant odor and infection caused by bacteria and fungi.

With its Paraben Free formula, experience gentle and safe care without the irritation associated with harsh chemicals.

Celebrate intimate confidence with Betadine Fresh Bliss! Deodorizes, Clinically Tested, pH-Balanced. 

This is not like the usual Betadine¬†feminine wash as it has a milky color and lavender scent (the purple bottle). I didn’t get irritated, it’s easy to rinse, and yeah, you feel clean.

It even says, use as often as needed, I do not recommend to use this every after a pee, maybe twice a day would be enough.

We never know, Betadine will also come up with wipes for on-the-go ladies like us.

I am sure this will be saleable as they got Maine Mendoza to endorse the product, the Aldub nation will patronize this as its suggested SRP for 60 ml is Php 41.00, not bad huh?

For those who haven’t seen the ad, here’s YouTube link.

That’s it loves, product patronage depends on your preference, some will work, some will not. You may choose to stick with your favorite brand/products in your own free will. I am just letting you know what to see in your favorite department store if you happen to replenish your toiletries.

Not a sponsored post. 

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