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Happy Friday!

I only have seven sleepless nights to get through the event but nevertheless I will still posting beauty related stuff every time I can. I am excited to finish everything because I am feeling I am entering a new world for a new life.

Enough babbling…

I’ve been addicted practicing to define my brows more dramatically and I am buying products in the market to try.

I know I have eye shadows to use in my brows but I notice that eyebrow powders are thicker or has a powder to cream texture.

In2it Eyebrow kit was not available so I got myself the Nichido one.


Available in Nichido Counters in Watsons and leading department stores (Health and Beauty Section)

Product Description and Direction to use. ^^

It looks like a compact powder.

It has two shades available – Brown & Black (Gray); It comes with a small angled brush, tweezers, and a mirror which makes it convenient to bring anywhere.

The brown looks too light for me and the black/gray is dark so what I do is I mix them together to match my hair and skin color.

Sometimes I used the dark color for the outer part of my brows and the lighter color for the inner part. I used a full size angled brush because the included brush is too small for me to hold.

I do not use this everyday though because it takes so much of my time to perfect my brows. I stick to my Faceshop Lovely Me:Ex Design my Brows pencil/lead.

I use this if I have longer time in doing my makeup and if I am shooting a makeup look.

I like how this product gives my brows a natural look and I also like how it glides easily with a brush.

It is easy to erase too if I made a mistake.

I use my Tony Moly Browcara to set it and I am good to go.

I have no comment for the packaging as it looks sturdy. I am just sure that the labels will fade (but that does not bother me at all)

As for the price, I believe the In2it Brow kit costs Php299 something (Please correct me if I am wrong), only Php61 difference. I haven’t tried it though but read positive feedback so I guess whatever you wish to get you can save if you choose this Nichido especially if you are a brow beginner like me.

The amount of the product is pretty pleasing too because you only need a small amount to do both brows. And if you are doing makeup for other people this is handy.

For now I will continue to practice defining my brows until I can do it with no mirrors. hahaha

Yay or Nay?


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