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I love wrist watches! It’s the only accessory that I grab every time. The truth is I’ve received them as a gift that is why my collection grew over time, most of it has silver bracelets. Just recently I received a gift from Jord Watches, they gave me a chance to pick in their collection. I chose the Delmar Bamboo Watch.

Jord Watch (3)

When it arrived, I admired the packaging, it was also a wood box. At first, I hesitated since it’s made of  wood, I’ll find it hard to match an outfit, it turns out I am wrong because it goes well with any outfit. It became an accent of every outfit I wore every single day. Most of the people saw it gave me a compliment. I also asked them to smell it because the its smell is addicting. It brings me back to an old library if I can describe.

When you spray your perfume on your wrist,  the watch absorbs it, it makes the watch smells amazing too.

I am hands down how intricate the details were, it is like a “Rolex” made of wood. This Jord Watch is so simple yet so elegant.

Jord Watch (1)

Jord Watch (2)

Floral Dress || Thrift Shop || P250

Sandals || Rusty Lopez || P399

Jord Watch || $150

This watch is sent to DISHYSAMMY for editorial consideration. 

Wooden Watches by JORD

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