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Happy Friday everyone Smile

After quite sometime BF and I spent dinner outside. This time we tried Pepper Lunch express in Food Choices Trinoma.

Sizzling is a trend for food lately. They just place the ingredients in a sizzling plate and you’ll do the rest of the cooking.

We ate Beef Teriyaki Regular last night. It’s Php188.00 add Php45.00 plus 30% more. That’s really a lot. haha

Pepper Lunch Express

Here’s how it looks when served.

Then you have to mix, mix, mix, and mix. You have to mix it because it’s sizzling hot you cannot eat right away.

After mixing…

Pepper Lunch Express

Still hot. So I had the time to take photos using my Camera. haha

I like…

  • The thin slices of beef.
  • The corn
  • The egg
  • You control the sauce

Perfect combination. Since the temperature of the plate lowers down you’ll not over cooked the beef. It was cook to perfection – Medium Well.

As for the egg I like it over easy. So another Thumbs up for me.

And I just love corn. Any food with corn I will eat it. haha

The ONLY thing I do NOT like is that I smelled like Pepper Lunch after eating. haha I was embarrassed to stand close near everyone else because I can smell my self. haha

I suggest to bring Linen and Hair freshener especially if you plan to have this for lunch.

Overall  it’s Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs up

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