Printed Or Plain: Which Dress Is More Suitable For Me?

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Every woman would certainly want to look pretty all the time. Whether attending a specific function or simply going to the mall, all of us desire to wear something sassy and elegant to make ourselves look fashionable to others. But what should be the right dress to wear for this year? Should you go for the plain monotone colored dress or should you wear the printed ones instead? Both styles are great for this season, but which of these dresses will complement your body and exude your natural beauty? Stick around as I’m going to make a review of these dress styles so that you’ll be properly guided on what to wear based on your body type.

clip_image002clip_image004clip_image006Plain Dresses

Plain dresses are excellent choice for naturally slim and long legged women who want to expose these features for everyone to see. These dresses may range from different cuts and styles, but it’ll sure give a sexy appeal to whosoever who will wear this.

Wear this type of dress if:

1. You want to be noticed of your sexiness and maintain a formal appeal
2. You want your maintain his attention on you and you alone
3. To instantly blend with your skin tone.

clip_image008clip_image010clip_image012Printed Dresses

Printed dresses are perfect if you got a feisty attitude and you are more attuned to the playful side of fashion. This style is great for plus sized women who want to hide those unwanted flabs and create and illusion of being slender.

Wear this type of dress if:

1. You want to get instant attraction from everybody
2. Hide those unwanted features and reveal your pleasant assets
3. Show off your sassy personality

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