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I had my hair curled for three weeks now and so far I am liking it. Unfortunately I need good product to keep the curl in place and retain it for the next six months.

The salon recommended me to use this product. I purchased it at their salon for Php1350 *sobs* and now we are having love and hate relationship.

Before I give my rants let me describe the product.

The product description sounds very promising.

And the main ingredients are very beneficial too.

Okay here we go.

After my salon procedure this product was applied in my hair to hold the curls. I was instructed to scrunch my hair to define the curls.

I didn’t washed my hair for two days as per advised by the salon.

When I finally washed it and style my hair, they said two pumps are enough, while it is still damp it look good.

But throughout the day the curls just goes away.

“You are so expensive and you are not defining my curls? $%#*&^”

I said to myself.

I gave this product another chance (as in I use it everyday). I noticed that I need more than two pumps per hair section.

I counted the pumps and I consumed around 10 pumps to make curls last the whole day.

With that amount of usage per day, I might empty this bottle in less than two months.

This product has a good points though.

It smells good and it is not greasy. I suggest not to apply it directly on the scalp because it will produce more oil. So apply the product only to the curls.

But I am sure I will never repurchase this product because it is so expensive and it doesn’t satisfies me at all.

I will consume this product though just to maximize the money I spent.


Do you have products like this?


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