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Skin Care 101

Taking care of our skin is challenging. It is affected by what we eat, what we do, and even what we put on. Because of this, we need to be cautious as not all skin type are alike. For me, taking care of it holistically affects not just the skin’s appearance but also the overall health of our body.

I once heard a supplement commercial, we cannot eat all the nutrients we need in a day. Vitamins and minerals are made for it to optimize those needed nutrients.

So for my skin, I try to drink lots of water, sweat toxins and drink my supplements. One helped my skin to be at least clear is Vitamin C and Omega Oil. I noticed that the more nourished my body is, the better the skin I have.

Add enough rest and sleep, of course.

Skin Vitamins: Novuskin Lift

Speaking of skin vitamins, I discovered this supplement that has 18 natural anti-aging and skin brightening extracts. It has L-Glutathione, Fish Collagen, Grapeseed Extract to name a few. This food supplement helps the skin revive its youthful glow. According to their ambassador Ms. Cory Quirino, Novuskin provides not only skin protection but also skin restoration.

As well know, aging is a natural process and we can see it through fine lines and dry skin. When we were young, our body is abundant with Collagen, a protein which helps our skin with elasticity, hydration, and suppleness.

Unfortunately, sun exposure, poor diet, and a stressful lifestyle affect the natural production of collagen. Making our skin looking tired and saggy.

Novuskin Lift Benefits

Novuskin Lift has been clinically-tested to stimulate collagen production, fight inflammation, and protect the skin against ultraviolet (UV radiation). Studies have shown that continuous use of Novuskin Lift has resulted in improved skin appearance including better hydration, smoothness, reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, sunspots, and overall radiance.

Natural ingredients include a host of antioxidants and co-factor nutrients that aid in collagen production and marine fish collagen which our body needs to combat oxidative stress and cellular repair.

Novuskin Lift Ingredients

Novuskin Lift has 18 of nature’s finest rejuvenating ingredients including: 

  1. Marine fish collagen
  2. Soy protein isolate,  
  3. Green tea extract
  4. Yeast extract
  5. Ascorbic acid
  6. Grape seed extract
  7. Horsetail extract
  8. L-glutathione
  9. Pine bark extract
  10. Tomato extract
  11. Korean ginseng extract
  12. D-alpha tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) 
  13. Zinc gluconate (as zinc)
  14. Copper gluconate (as copper)
  15. Manganese sulfate monohydrate (as manganese)
  16. Oryza ceramide
  17. Selenium amino acid chelate (as selenium)
  18. Coenzyme Q10

These natural anti-aging and skin brightening ingredients work synergistically to rejuvenate the skin by boosting collagen production and at the same time giving a firming or “lifting” effect to the skin.

My Novuskin 30 day Journey

Novuskin Lift Supplement

Unlike other supplements, I’ve tried, taking Novuskin Lift never gave me a dizzy feeling after taking it. No feeling of an upset tummy and other weird side effects.

Make sure your tummy is full before taking this. Maybe a caution to prevent any stomach related effects. The most visible result for me is stronger nails.

Most importantly, no breakouts. I feel totally fine.

Just a disclaimer: I am taking this supplement with my OCP and Folic Acid. 

Stay tuned for my next post as we unveil the individual benefits of its 18 anti-aging ingredients.

Novuskin Lift supplements are sealed in a moisture-resistant package to preserve the quality of the product. Packages containing 30 tablets are available at Mercury Drug and Watsons outlets nationwide

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