Store your loose eye shadow like a PRO.

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(windows keep saying that eye shadow is two words.. Ugh hate the red underline)

Remember these e/s I featured. Milea Swatches

I found a way to store them.


This little orange container is actually a medicine kit.


I bought it from Saizen. Do you love shopping at Saizen?


Now it’s easier for me to use them and I can tap off the excess to save it.

These are mineral e/s swatches by the way. I did not bought the full sizes of it as I do not use them often, so 1/8 teaspoon will go a long way.

We should not limit the usage of things through their function, even if it says medicine kit it doesn’t mean that you will only use it for your medicine right?

Have you been resourceful and creative lately?

Let me know below.

Tomorrow I will show you how to use your dish drainer like a PRO.

Have a good day ahead.


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