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Many businesses have been established before the internet came to life. When we discovered the power of the internet we have used them in our everyday life. We use it for research, to connect with long-lost friends and relatives, and even promoting business. Business, where you put up your own website and your regular and/or possible customers can check out what you are up too.

As a customer, I noticed that some do not even have a website. For some who has it doesn’t seem to be reliable or it is not included in search engines. I think if you want to connect with consumers and widen your range you  have to do a little effort and investment.

And since we are now using the internet to do this, having your own website is not enough. Having Twitter accounts and Facebook fan page and other social media for your business is also not enough. There are websites available in the World Wide Web that can help you do this – website directories.

These are the websites which specializes in linking your website URL under categories / sub-categories where consumers can browse through it and boom – expansion of your name and brand.

I recently come across with this specific business web directory , it’s 100% SEO friendly web directory, as all links they have are direct; you can submit up to five (5) deep links, so aside from your home page of course, you can submit other pages from your website; you can also submit additional information, such as your company address, contact number, and even relevant article about your company; also generates thumbnails of your website automatically to visually enhance your listing; and lastly it’s W3 and HTML valid.

Here’s a snapshot:

Web directory review
Web directory review

Thus, by submitting your website in business directory like this you will have a little extra time improving your products and services instead of maintaining your website.

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