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When it comes to oral hygiene I admit I am not really keen about it. I lost three teeth already from eating popcorn kernels, haha KERNELS!

I rarely floss. I don’t mind if I cannot find my floss in my purse and sometimes mouthwash just burn my tongue and gums.

Today let me show you a purple mouthwash from SWISH in Mangosteen Mint.


120 ml • Watsons, Mercury Drug, and other leading department stores nationwide.

  • Swish has Surefresh that helps kill bad breath causing bacteria and prevent plaque buildup, gum disease and tooth decay
  • It is alcohol free which allows you to gargle for 30 seconds without the painful burning sensation
  • Leaves you with long-lasting minty fresh breath every day

To use

  1. Gargle 20 ml of Swish twice a day for 30 seconds. No need to add water. Do not swallow.


The packaging now is more efficient than the earlier Swish I’ve tried. Before the product just spill out, now since the bottle is long-necked, it is more secure.

The color of the liquid is attractive, at least to me. It’s darker compared to the other pink/purple mouthwash. It is refreshing to see because most of the mouthwashes are blue and green.

The color & smell is funny, funny because it reminds me of a cough syrup – Robitussin. It smells so sweet and you may want to swallow it. haha

The taste is a bit weird because it is a LITTLE bitter. Maybe mint and sweets don’t go well together but I don’t mind.

As for the burning sensation. It still has a burning sensation and I can only gargle it 10 – 15 seconds. BUT this milder compare to Listerine. If I have to rank the three mouthwashes I’ve tried (1) Listerine (2) Swish (3) Oracare; number 1 is the strongest.

I won’t say that this is my favorite because I will try other brands but I will surely have my eyes on this because of the color. hihi

To know more about the product please check the following link:

Website: http://www.unilab.com.ph/consumers/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unilab
Twitter: https://twitter.com/unilab_ph
Instagram: http://instagram.com/unilab


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