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Kanto Style Breakfast – New found love!

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast – fried rice, bacon, over easy eggs, bread, cereals, juice, etc. just tonight my beauty blogger bff Eyah (www.eyahnism.com) brought me to a place where they serve breakfast all day gourmet style. They have all the possible combination for western and Filipino …
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Get your breakfast at KFC

As work hours varies from time to time most fast food if not 24 hours is now offering breakfast. I need to leave the house very early and I grab my breakfast when I reach my work vicinity. I am glad that Ortigas food chains are open. If you are …
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I love SPAM!

No no no no, this is not the annoying comments and emails that we receive. It’s the meat loaf/luncheon meat found in the supermarkets. I know canned goods are not healthy but I can’t help myself to have spam from time to time. I remember that this is only available …