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Tony Moly Peeling Gel

I love exfoliating that is why when I visited Tony Moly weeks ago I got this product. I believe peeling gel became a big hit in 2015. It’s similar to a gel cleanser which you will gently rub¬†continuously until the dead skin cells come off.


Soft and moist Gommage peeling gel for pure, transparent skin.


Gently massage into the face, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Tony Moly Peeling Gel (1)

Tony Moly Peeling Gel (2)

At first, I do not really believe in it. My sister told me that this has been just an Elmer’s glue being rubbed off. After using it, I noticed how supple my skin was, it became brighter, and looking at my skin closely, the dry patches along my cheeks disappeared.

This peeling gel is mild and has a nice clean scent. It is easy to wash off and you do not need to rub too long before the dead skin to appear. If your face is dirty, the “dead skin” is dark.

It is easy to rinse off, it feels squeaky clean even without a facial cleanser follow. But I do use a cleanser after this. I use this at least twice a week or once as I alternate it with a facial scrub.

For me, this is a home facial experience, at least to remove the dullness of the face. I wish there were body version of this. lol

What peeling gel product do you use?

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