Week 17: First Trimester Haul

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My first trimester was just in time for the 9.9 shopping craze, but we didn’t want to buy anything because we do not know the gender yet. While we browse and research the basics for a child, we only bought two items. 

Fetal Doppler

Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Detector Lazada
Fetal Doppler | Php 1,962 Php 879

The COVID-19 pandemic prevents us from frequent trips to the hospital. It is hard to risk loitering places you know that the virus can spread aside from the schedule. 

I was nine weeks pregnant when it arrived, and we watched YouTube videos on how to use it. At first, it was hard to locate the heartbeat and differentiate it from the other sounds. Mimicking my OB’s action when finding the heartbeat, we were able to hear ours. 

It was magical for us as hubby couldn’t get inside the clinic every check-up. Since it was still the first trimester, we check it weekly to see if the fetal heart rate is regular. 

About the product

  • CE/FDA/SGScertification approved.
  • Backlight control key, LED Screen.
  • Smart noise reduction, more clearly.
  • Waterproof and durable probe, support 3.0MHz
  • Speaker and audio output
  • Volume can adjust by yourself.
  • Automatic power-off
  • Fetal heart rate abnormal alarm and Low battery indication. Hearing the baby sound via earphone or external amplifier.
  • High sensitivity probe, low ultrasound power, safer to the fetus.
  • No matter day or night can read clearly—atmospheric intuitive.

How to use fetal doppler? 

If you do not have the ultrasound gel that the hospital uses, you can use your Aloe Vera gel. It has the same texture also moisturizing for your tummy. 

What is the average fetal heartbeat? 

The average fetal heartbeat is between 110 to 160 bpm. Mine is always at the range of 146 – 155 bpm. 

Breast Pump 

Breast Pump Lazada
Double Electric Breast Pump | Php 999 Php 469

It sounds extreme for a first-trimester purchase, but it was a good deal. Other mom friends advised me to get a manual pump, but this one can be powered through a USB with two pumps. 

For its price, it comes with one pump, milk pouch, and one feed bottle. It is BPA free, and it looks like the other branded ones we see in the market. 

The motor works pretty decently, and when I tried it, even if I do not have milk yet, I can feel the suction. 

Since it is two way, it won’t work if the other is not connected. 

I plan to get a manual pump and a breast shell just if the plug is far from the bed and our power bank runs out. 

About the product

  • Anti backflow design
  • Soft massaging to avoid overstimulation
  • Low noise
  • Maximum of 28 minutes of milk pumping action 
  • Food grade silicone material 
  • Touch-sensitive keys 
  • Dual automatic mode

What should we buy when we are expecting?

I am continuously researching and asking my mommy friends about their shopping haul, and I guess there is no standard on what to buy. It depends on your preference, priority, and budget. 

There are some items that we need to have, and some are nice to have. 

Have you gone shopping for anything during your first trimester? 

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