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Before Snap Fitness

I am okay doing my workout at home with DIY WOD and some basic fitness equipment. I have a PRO Yoga app, we have a treadmill, a kettle bell, a dumbel, a fitness ball, a stationary bike, and of course my yoga mat.

I do intense running every morning, doing some bodyweight exercises and then last October, I finally joined a gym.

First I think because the house is not motivating enough. I keep on seeing my bed and caught with home work. I ended up skipping most of my workout schedule.

Second, I keep on upgrading small equipment because I am getting use to their weight.

Third, I think if I am paying monthly dues I’ll be more enthusiastic with exercising.

Why Snap Fitness?

While there are a lot of gym known before a franchise opened here in PH, this branch is less than a kilometer from home. I can walk going there as my warm up and it is 24/7.

The fact that it is open all day every day gives you flexibility to finally sweat even just for an hour.

If you do not know yet, Snap Fitness is dedicated to changing lives through a results-driven culture in each of our locations. We offer members no contracts, high-quality workout equipment, and 24/7 access to all of our clubs worldwide. With Snap Fitness, we’ll provide you with more than a membership – you’ll have everything you need to get results you want.

When I joined last October they have a Piso promo where I will just pay PHP 2,500 for the key fob, PHP 1,500 one time joining fee, and PHP 1 for the October membership fee.

Of all the gym I talked to, this has the lowest fee in terms of amenities.

What do I like?

Group Classes

Snap Fitness Congressional Classes

Besides its location another reason that made me decide to sign up is the daily AM/PM classes. From Zumba, Tabata, Circuit, HIIT, conditioning, Piloxing, and Yoga. They made the classes available to both morning and night person. This is also great if you are building your habit and getting used to going at the gym.

This also the best place where you can meet new friends and a trainer.

I started attending daily PM classes and man I never feel so alive. I love HIIT exercises having tried CrossFit before.

Noob Proof Equipment

Snap Fitness

The equipment has illustrated instructions that you can follow if you are brave to try them.

Not Crowded

Since it is a 24/7 gym, members workout time varies. I notice that around 5pm – 7pm the gym is full but when it’s a Friday it is empty. I like working out when there is few people in the gym cause I can look ugly sweaty all the time. haha

Snap Fitness Studio

You can work out at the studio, use the free weights, do circuit, and there is no eye. haha Of course there is CCTV cameras but it is comfortable to have the gym by yourself.

Friendly and courteous staff

I inquired via Facebook messenger, they replied almost instantly and asked for me to drop by to have a tour. On my first day, a trainer assessed me and give me a starter workout.

They always greet you when you come in. They know too if you have been away for a while.

Even if there is not much of people who will join the class they will still do it. I even had two or more classes when I am the only student.

Going to Snap Fitness became my stress reliever.

If I have not mentioned before in my earlier posts, there are days that I am extremely sad. Going to the gym made me cope up with that sadness.

Snap Fitness Studio

Personal Trainers

If you have an ultimate goal or you want fast results I recommend getting a personal trainer. The rates are actually affordable and they really help you to depending on your needs.

I enrolled for a 12-session program it gave a regular schedule of areas to focus for strength training while having classes in between. Those 12 session gave me the most sore muscle in my entire life especially on my back and shoulders for the first time. LOL

They do not force you to enroll they are there to help until you (and your wallet) decide to hire a trainer.

My Gym Routine

I try to go every other day. I attend a class for an hour then do strength training for another hour. My usual schedule is at night after all the freelance work and household chores.

I am thinking to go in the morning to try the AM classes but unfortunately I am recovering from my asthma and I do not want to risk the exertion to make it worse.

As for my results…

Although in two months I lost just one (1) kilogram (I am not strict on my diet do not blame the gym). I found significant changes in my mood, endurance, and energy.

I never thought I can transition lifting more than 10 kg of weights during exercise. I felt good about myself knowing that three months ago I lost that strength.

And even if I do not someone to be with me, I go there in my own free will.

From March 2017 – December 2017, my weight loss effort paid off and I want to continue it this year.


  • If you have to choose between sleep/rest or exercise, choose sleep.
  • Give your body a time to recover.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Always bring an extra shirt and a bottle of water.
  • Don’t think that exercising is a punishment.
  • Enjoy the journey and be satisfied with the result.
  • Choose a gym where you will be motivated to go to.

At the end of the day as long as you take care of yourself, the body will adjust itself and give the visible results we all wanted.


  • Key Fob – PHP 2500
  • Joining Fee – PHP 1500 (depending on the promo)
  • Monthly Fee – PHP 1900 (for a one year lock in period)
  • Personal Trainer – depends on the number of sessions

On going promo

If you are residing in Quezon City near the gym I say give it a try.

652-c 3rd Floor D’New Pit Stop Building, Congressional avenue extension. Behind Phoenix Gas station.
Quezon City, Philippines 1107

*Not a sponsored post


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