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Zen Nutrients Argan Skin Salve-Tion

This smells so amazing! I tell you. It’s like you are in a relaxing sanctuary!!! 

Hey guys! I saw in my analytics that a lot of you are searching for this and I believe it will do justice if I will share my thoughts on this. I got this product when I visited the Zen Nutrients HQ months ago. We all know how the wonders of Argan but sometimes being in oil form can be complicated. Kudos to Zen Nutrients for transforming it into a multipurpose beauty balm.

This All-Around Argan claims to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate,  and nourish at the same time. You can use it as (1) Makeup Remover – Apply product on your face and then wipe away gently with a tissue (2) Leave it for 30-minutes (or overnight ) as a mask (3) use it as an emollient for dry hands and feet (4) Use it as a hair treatment by leaving it on for five minutes (5) Use as an eye cream (6) Apply it to dry cuticles (7) Apply as a healing cream for sunburn (8) safe for babies too.

I actually use this to treat my infected cuticle. I pull off a hangnail, was soaked in water, and poof it became koko krunch, I mean a disgusting nail.

argan skin salve-tion

I know it’s gross. The doctor prescribed me a topical antibiotic and after the wound healed. I apply this Argan skin salve-tion religiously. After a week or two, I didn’t notice the change, my cuticle were back to normal.

argan skin salve-tion2

I thought I would spend the rest of my life with disgusting nails, but thanks to skin salve-tion, I was saved. My cuticle is still dry because of too much A/C and harsh detergent, but I see to it that I will moisturize at least twice a day.

Another use of this product is to heal dandruff, I gave some to my colleagues and they attested that their dry scalp was gone. Although, it still comes back if not applied regularly, but this product has instant effect.

I keep this product handy so I can use it wherever, whenever.

Have you tried this product too? What are your thoughts? I am enabling the review section below for you.



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