30 days after I quit my job – pros, cons, and learnings

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I have worked since my college graduation. I loved the profession, I landed on, it has also opened doors to meet new people and opportunities that molded my present self. My first job lasted seven years, I loved it so much I didn’t want to leave. I should say I still have the sepanx where I constantly contact my colleagues and offer my help. I really loved the job I had there.

My second job was fun, challenging, and new. Although it pays the bills, it’d had eaten my life in such a way I become numb and negative with my surroundings. The circle got smaller and I felt it was not healthy. I will go home late at night, give up weekends, and report early again, only to feel empty. Don’t blame me, I had good friends in the office, we share the same sentiments and I am the weak one to leave.

The second office taught me how to survive the past paced environment while concealing emotions daily. I learned a lot and I am grateful for the lessons.

The wake up call

It was just one night, I am wide awake, crying, questioning myself, what I really want in life. I got up, took a post it, wrote what I really want, took my laptop and finally wrote my resignation letter.

I did not apply for a new job nor have an emergency fund in my bank account.


  1. I have more time for myself and my husband. I can do my wifey duties without being in a hurry or being stuck in traffic.
  2. I have more sleep time.
  3. I can finally workout and focus on my health. I can prep myself for motherhood.
  4. I finally came back to blogging.
  5. I kick-started my business and help with the family business. I can cater to more clients, not just the companies I was employed before.
  6. I now have time to attend workshops and networking events for my personal development.
  7. I am at peace.
  8. Opportunities came in one by one from former bosses, vendors, and friends.


  1. No regular income. Yes, my husband has a job, but it was different when you have own money to give or spend for yourself.
  2. Jobs are now, no work, no pay. If you don’t get up in the morning and do something, you will not have the funds to pay for the bills.
  3. There is a temptation to slack off and sleep all day.


  1. If you plan to leave the corporate world to pursue freelancing or entrepreneurship, have a fund to sustain yourself for the next six months at least. I am lucky to live with my in-laws and they supported my decision, food and shelter is not a major problem.
  2. Map out your plans after quitting. I did this. I really want to go back blogging, coördinate events, and be an ultimate housewife (I love chores).
  3. Do not delay. I have waited months to finally decide to quit my job. I am happy I did it.
  4. Trust God. It is true that he will never abandon you. Whenever my bank account is near zero balance, I’ll receive job offers for me to have an income.
  5. Live one day at a time. My mind is restless and my schedule is still jam-packed despite leaving my 10-7 job.
  6. Choose your battles wisely. There will be opportunities here and there as some will ask you to be part of the projects. Study them carefully, know when to say no.
  7. Have discipline. Do not slack off and finish your tasks as scheduled.
  8. Be frugal. Now that you don’t have a regular income stop spending like you have money for tomorrow. Think as if you only have this much. I used to hoard when I shop, now I just buy what I need.

I have so much to learn in the next coming months. I cannot say now that I did the right thing, but I am happy. I still have to adjust the lifestyle, organize my tasks from income generating tasks and hobby, save money for emergencies, and a lot more. It’s a roller coaster journey for sure, but I know it’ll be worth it.

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For now, my goal is:

  1. Boost my event planning business
  2. Grow my blog and share useful/inspirational entries
  3. Lose weight to prepare for my pregnancy
  4. Accomplish my tasks and be productive with my three new affiliations.
  5. Start freelancing and come back writing content.

Achieving the things above in the next coming months, I should say, quitting my day job is the best decision I made.

P.S. Thank you to all the people who are helping me now, offering me a job, trusting me, and telling I became more beautiful having enough sleep. LOL I love you all! Without your support, this first step will never come true. For others, I am open for business.


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