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For someone who has an anovulatory cycle (PCOS), having a period is a big thing for me because it indicates that I did something right in general.

When I got my period last March 2019 (count the gap), I got hopeful that it’ll be normal for once. So I purchased a menstrual cup from Anytime Menstrual Cup via Shopee

Without any idea what to get, I chose from via the colour and thought size two is the one for me. 

The next month (April 2019) up to this date (February 2020), my period never came. 

Until one ordinary pee session and I saw blood. It was a Koko Crunch moment cause yes!!! I ovulated (and someone missed the egg) LOL.

Too much nonsense, let’s get to know menstrual cups. 

About Anytime Menstrual Cup 

Size 2 Menstrual Cup

(From the product description) The Anytime menstrual cup is a soft medical grade silicone. It is reusable and designed to be easy to clean and comfortable to wear. The Anytime menstrual cup is soft, flexible, easy to fold to insert, and has enough spring to pop up easily after insertion. Its flexibility allows it to bend as you move, providing you with ultimate comfort and protection. 

A menstrual cup is worn internally, while tampons and pads absorb menstrual fluid, the Anytime collects it. It means it doesn’t cause dryness, irritation, itching or discomfort; and collects three times as much as a tampon. 

The Anytime menstrual cup is the feminine protection of the 21st century. It is user-friendly, safe, reusable, ecological, and a healthier alternative to pads and tampons. 

Benefits of Menstrual Cups

  • A healthier alternative to sanitary pads and tampons
  • Does not alter the pH & flora balance of the vagina 
  • No more odours – feel fresh all-day 
  • Does not cause dryness 
  • No more frequent tampon changes Comfortable, convenient & easy to use 
  • So soft and flexible – barely felt while worn 
  • Total protection, even on your heaviest day 12-hour protection & can be worn overnight 
  • Experience complete leak-free period! 
  • Discreet, no strings, no padding, wear what you want 
  • Suitable for women of all ages, sizes and lifestyles. 
  • Can be worn during all types of physical activities 
  • Reusable, ecological and economical


The box instruction is pretty self-explanatory: 

  1. Wash your hands and the cup
  2. Fold it
  3. Open your vagina
  4. Insert it until it reaches your cervix 
  5. Rotate the base, and you are good to go

Here’s an infographic I found for illustration purposes


Inserting menstrual cup for the first time

It was not as easy. I spent two hours trying to put it in the first time and ended up not using at all on my day two. Hubby told me to use a lube to make it easier to insert. 

When I finally got lube on hand, it still didn’t work until the second time. When it passed through the opening, my vagina just sucked it in. I found out that my cervix is high. 

The feeling of menstrual cup 

At first, there is slight discomfort. I have to walk around and sit to find a comfortable position. I got vaginal flatulence in between, and it was so funny. 

Once it settled in, you do not feel anything. I did the laundry too, and I have to take the MRT stairs to cross EDSA. I still wore a pad just in case, and while walking it is not popping out at all. PHEW

I slept with it, and it was comfortable. 

Removing the menstrual cup

It was my nightmare. Haha, I cannot locate the stem and touched the base. I read that I should wait for an hour after waking up to let gravity do its job, but I wanted to check if it is full already. 

So I got the lube again and tried it. I made several positions to find the base and was not working. I panicked as I might not get it on time, and my blood will be stuck there. 

Finally, I squatted and pushed it. I was able to find the base and pinch it. The air was released, and it came off. PHEW

I don’t want to go to the emergency room because of that. 

My tips when using a menstrual cup

  1. Make sure your hands are clean all the time
  2. Use a lube (water-based preferably) 
  3. Relax your muscles
  4. Get the right size (Know the length of your vaginal canal)
  5. Cut your nails; it is more comfortable to navigate
  6. Practice makes progress

Would I use the cup again?

100% because I get rashes from pads and tampon was hard to insert as well. 

If you are not gross-out with your blood and navigating around your private parts, then this is the best alternative for you. It saves our planet too. 

I hope this TMI helped you. 

P.S. Do not forget to sterilize it using hot water or get the sterilizer. I might get it when my cycle is regular. 

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