A Decade Trip to Memory Lane

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While I am slow cooking our ribs for tonight New Year’s Eve feast. The 2009 – 2019 comparison photos in social media inspired me to look back and give thanks to a beautiful decade.

I think it’s the ultimate transition of my adolescence to adulting life and though I have countless breakdowns, my life did change for the better. Join me as I reminisce my decade.


I graduated from college and joined the workforce. I am lucky to have found a job recommended by our college dean. I stayed with them for seven years before moving on.

Fb Img 1577778540715
2009. Cagayan de Oro.

It was also a year of firsts as I travelled by plane for the first time and tried the longest zip line in Asia.

I started Ramble and Relish under samlanuza.com, where I write mostly my learnings and recipes. I also started my online side gig, where I accept ghostwriting and website content writing.

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Ham and Bacon

This year was also the year when I got a guinea pig from my then-boyfriend now-husband.


My first ever event! I remember I cried so bad because I cannot grasp all the crab mentality I have encountered. That event made me a better event professional and a leader today.

Fb Img 1577778610517
PCTA Convention 2010
Fb Img 1577778595052
PCTA Convention 2010

Later that year, I got hospitalized, and my asthma came back. I was in steroids for five days every four hours — a nightmare for my weight gain.

Fb Img 1577778719025
July 2010. Capitol Medical Center

It was also my first to join an out of the country business trip. A night I cannot forget as I close half a million peso worth of sponsorship and slipped inside the bathtub cause I was drunk from socializing – my first time to drink alcohol.

Fb Img 1577778740867
October 2010. CASBAA Convention. Hong Kong.


Husband’s college graduation and board exam. It was a test of faith as he was not able to graduate on time, and he has to retake another subject in his board exam. It eventually ended well as he was able to pass and march at the same time.

Fb Img 1577778769928
Graduation + Board Exam

My first solo trip. I went to Singapore to chase the characters of Madagascar. It was this year when I learned that it is okay to take chances, but if I can go to this year, I should have prioritized being smart with my finances.

Fb Img 1577778805297


My first out of town convention. I was able to visit Cebu more than ten times and explored the city after the week-long event.

Fb Img 1577778826781
Radisson Blu Cebu

This year we left Metro Manila for good to settle down in Laguna. After more two decades of renting, my dad escaped the rat race and bought a house in Laguna.

Fb Img 1577778870278
Alex our Shih Tzu

It was also the year where my grandmom died. I learned to accept death as I saw it as the final destination for fulfilling your mission here on Earth.

Fb Img 1577778843041
May 2012 at Lola’s Wake


I launched this blog — DISHYSAMMY. I loved makeup so much, and my blog friends told me that I should dedicate a separate domain for it. I was writing every single day. I met new friends, got sponsorships, and was invited to different PR events.

Fb Img 1577779173692
Forever 21 event in SM Aura

This year I found out that my director had Lymphoma, we tried to organize a tribute stage play for him, but it didn’t push through.


Our first out of the country trip together! It was so cold, fun, and memorable. I realized that year I wanted to travel more with my husband.

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2014. Macau.

We had Chichay this year – our Belgian Malinois dog. I love this breed so much, and I was thrilled to have a dog like her finally. She is the sweetest.

Fb Img 1577779064080

My first ever wedding stint! My high school best friend asked me to coordinate her wedding, and it paved the way for more weddings. Being a senior coordinator to other teams and booked my clients.

Fb Img 1577779294024
Remy and Jeff

I also planted my second tree this year courtesy of Figaro.

Fb Img 1577779227220

My first ever elbow stand and a hosting stint at SM Masinag — I sucked here but it’s okay.

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Elbow Stand — Yoga every single day
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With Michelle Gumabao


We booked the church for our wedding. It was a secret to our family and was a haste decision that we are both sure we wanted to take.

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Reception ocular

As many of you will ask, we were walking casually around the area and inquired at the nearby church where his mom wants us to get married. We luckily have the reservation fee in our wallets, so we reserved for August 24, 2016. We changed the date to September 24, 2016, as our parents told us that August is a ghost month.

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This year also I left the apartment and moved into his place. My mom got so angry, and three months later, when my husband’s family formally asked for my hands, they calmed down and started the wedding preps with me as well.


The year of change – I moved job and got married. I became part of the second wave of employees of the #1 mobile commerce app in Asia – Shopee!

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Mariott Grand Ballroom – my last PCTA Convention
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Summer bride and groom party with Kampay
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Shopee events team 2.0
Fb Img 1577779366396
Shopee University

I met a lot of new friends. It pretty revealed who I was, and it opened my eyes to the real world.

I also had two more weddings to coordinate this year, and my brides understood to finish my wedding first before them.

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Being married this year was a fleeting moment. I didn’t know if we were ready or was just pushed by the social norm.

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Our wedding day


I left the corporate world. This was a down year for me where I will cry most of my days inside our room for no reasons; I am just generally sad.

Fb Img 1577779257933

I joined Manila Workshops, I networked and explored the freelancing world and took the chance to thrive.

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It was financially challenging for both of us, but we made it. Our family made it.


Fb Img 1577779422252
Us and our older step siblings

First time to get together as a family in Laguna. We are not the typical family but I appreciate the lessons they taught me all throughout the years.

Hubby left his job, and I joined a “scam” company. It was a rough start, but I was able to come back the third quarter of the year where we were both working from home.

The fourth quarter of the year, hubby left his new job, and I found a new client. The year ended with a sweet hope that we will both found clarity.

Fb Img 1577779485498
I joined Olivia Mobile App

I lost friends this year, which I find hard to understand, but in the end, we all know it was for the best.

I had my speaking engagement this year too.

Fb Img 1577779439649
Cherry Mobile Live – Thanks, Star for inviting me
Fb Img 1577779447344
Digital transformation talk with the experts


The decade ender – so many things happened, and yet it was so swift. I have more work than usual, started a jog every night, had more speaking engagements, mentored more people, and paid it forward.

Fb Img 1577779474086
UP Sunken Garden with rekindled friendships

Hubby went back to school for a career shift Bootcamp, got new puppies, got into Feng Shui and crystal healings, found new friends from work.

Fb Img 1577779510406
Fb Img 1577779529136
Our maligators
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Luna and Coal

It was in quarter three when I had another turmoil of emotions, I was surrounded by toxicity, and I can get rid of it. It was also this year when we pushed to live on our own finally.

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First blog event of the year
Fb Img 1577779539967
Ilocos Sur

I am beyond happy that things are falling into place. The clarity we seek over the last decade is making its way to us.

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Our new place

I become closer to my family. My dad retired from his job and started his own business with his former colleagues while maintains an Airbnb.

Fb Img 1577779550886
Dad’s franchise stall at Balibago, Sta, Rosa, Laguna

More events for us this year.

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Kae and Lorenz
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TGP Event
Fb Img 1577779559089
My freelance events team

And an app launch

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BSP Financial Event
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So many things to highlight for the last year and I am so happy that it’d all happen.

Cheers to the new decade!

My heart is full of gratitude and hope. I know 2020 and the next decade will be a good one.

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Hello from, Mr. and Mrs. A
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Our 2020 vision board

How was your decade?

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