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Last month I bought these brushes even though it’s not purple I still bought it. The name of the brushes caught me and as much as possible I want to apply makeup with brushes.

It’s called the Face Precision Brushes and Face Perfection Brushes. It’s like a mother and daughter brush set I was confuse what to get so I ended up ordering both.

I searched the web and found out that it’s similar to the synthetic kabuki kit of Sigma but those were in black. The names were their trademark so I guess I have to describe them by their shapes as this didn’t come with a name of its own.


Php950 • Online via Beauty Cosmetics

Let’s first talk about the Face Perfection brushes (I will do the face precision on a separate post). It consists of five kabuki brushes in different shapes. I am not familiar with the names that much I can only recognized the flat top and the angled one (shame on me, haha) but I will try my best to describe them one by one.

It is about six inches long with a metallic pink handle. The ferrule (metal part) is silver and the hair is a joint brown and white synthetic fibers.

All of them are dense super thumbs for me. It didn’t shed off when I first wash them.

angled brush

Flat Angled

This is perfect for applying cream and even powder blushers and bronzers. Since it’s synthetic the finish is almost similar to an air brush one. But I will use this more contour instead of blush.


Also perfect for both cream/powder blush and bronzers.



My personal favorite. I use it for everything liquid foundation/BB Cream and then powder. I use it in circular motion giving me a flawless finish.


I have one of this from landmark and I use it to apply liquid foundation/bb cream as well. It’s great in buffing the products on the cheeks, neck, and forehead.


I honestly do not know where will I use this one but I am pretty sure it’s for the face. But because of its shape it will reach the sides of the nose, eyes, and lips. I notice that if I use a regular foundation brush  those parts remain untouched.

I find these brushes amazing. I am super in love with them especially with the round kabuki. The price is worth it.

Since I cannot prove why should I get Sigma now I am happy with my beauty cosmetic brushes.

I will cry if they will release purple.



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