Belle de Jour Rendezvous: In Charge and In Control

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Hello Bellas,

I am just excited about this post because…. I GOT AN INVITE… to attend the Belle de Jour Rendezvous for this month.

I have waited for a long time to attend but I cannot comply with the mechanics. My coupons are missing. You read it right MISSING.

I tear them all off when I was bored and kept it in an envelope which is MIA now. I don’t know what to do. The only coupon I have used so far is the ACE Water Spa.

I hope I can see it before Saturday so I can claim my Athena and Carb Trim after the event.

Going back, I chose option 2 in joining this. Where you will fill in the blanks “I am in charge and in control of _____ because ________.” Then post, share, and Tag Belle de Jour Power Planner and sponsors on Facebook. Email them the link together with a photo of yourself with the BDJ Planner.

I received the confirmation that I am invited email yesterday. HOORAY!

Here’s my photo.


I look like a freak at the office. I am wearing glasses (8 hours in front of my PC)  and a cardigan (cause it’s so cold). Boo!

My answer was…

I am in charge and in control of MY LIFE because I DECIDE FOR MYSELF.

This is my first BDJ Planner; my college friend Wilklean introduced this to me that is why when I read that I can tag along somebody, I sent her a message. I am excited for this and excited to bond with Wil after so many years.

Below is the photo of the program.


I will be writing a post-event post and share my experience on this Rendezvous.

For those who are coming hash tag #BDJRendezvous on Saturday for us to recognize each other, follow @BDJBuzz and me also @_sammysamsam. Like Belle de Jour Power Planner and DISHYSAMMY on Facebook for updates.

See you all.


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