Better late than never: Meg Magazine July Issue Freebies


Hello everyone,

Wondering why I only posted now? I am a little busy doing layouts for our newsletter. I’ve been doing desktop publishing for five years now. Can you believe that? I am now using Adobe In Design Cs6 , I am so happy that my manager finally bought a licensed software. I am quite enjoying Cs5 and Cs6 now. I love Adobe!!

Anyhow, I just want to share this.

Meg Magazine Freebies

Helen was the one who told me to claim this since my office is near Strata 100. Since it’s almost end of the month these are the only freebies left for me.

So my title is better late than never – better late claiming the freebies than never getting any freebies at all. hahaha

I am still in the middle of my work. I need to render this as ePub and PDF for color separating. I am currently talking to my manager for proofing while typing this. hahaha

Wish me luck!



BTW, I will be at BDJ Rendezvous tomorrow. Winking smile

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