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Hello, SEO!

My blog needs a boost, I mean aside from consistency (which obviously I lack). I know there are tricks in the trade to make it happen. I have purchased and read books about successful blogging. There are plug-ins that you may install, blog ideas, and even paid downloadable planner to really start your blogging game. I came across SEO and believe up until now I am not an expert about it.

For this blog, what I did was I downloaded YOAST then follow the best practices the free feature has to offer. I also enrolled in some UDEMY courses about it but believe me I often doze off in the middle of the lesson.

Why SEO is important?

I don’t have to define what is SEO I am sure everyone knows the meaning of it. But for people like me who has a blog and wants to use this as my business portfolio. Having a good SEO strategy can help the business grow.

Imagine hundreds of users are searching for something online. Maybe some of them already bookmarked your site because they are fascinated. If you practice good SEO more and more people will land to your site that can potentially cross promote you elsewhere.

And, it gives a better experience for the users. It easy to read.

I am no expert when it comes to SEO and if I could get a hack on how to do it I’ll be glad to.

Hence, SEO Hacker

I am so lucky that my friends from SEO Hacker helped me with my site. To be more technical about it, they tweak some parts of this blog added some plugins then BOOM!

They optimized the site to make it more clickable upon search if I make sense. I noticed a big increase in my organic search even I have not posted for a month.

(It is not encouraged not to post for a long time because readers want to read, right?)

Who is SEO Hacker?

SEO Hacker is an SEO services company in the Philippines with a clientele across the globe. Founded by the SEO genius Sean Si who is a genuine person I met during some meetings for the blog.  They apply the best practices that won’t screw up search engine algorithm giving the highest ranking, conversion, and traffic to its client.

They even developed SEO Hacker Blog and SEO Hacker school for added value for the clients and followers.

It doesn’t just stop doing SEO Audit and fixing it for your site. They have everything you need to jumpstart your business – website, online reputation management, marketing, advertising, down to copywriting. You can find their list of services here cause you’ve got to experience it by yourself.

Do you need SEO to boost your blog?

Yes, definitely! If you a content creator like me I would suggest studying the best practices when writing articles. Do keyword research from time to time – especially if you have clients or sponsors for you to add value for you blog.

Finally, if you are a business owner who has a big business goal start your online presence talk to the experts. It is a good investment to have a solid visibility online.


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