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Protection or tan? Have both, without compromise.


(Manila, Philippines) With every start of the year comes the unrelenting excitement of what’s ahead – and nothing is more enticing than to just sit back, relax, and be at your most carefree state while lounging by the beach. Because summertime is just around the corner, the thoughts of your feet brushing against the sand, your toes touching the water, and your skin basking in the sun, brings about freedom and sheer happiness.

 This pleasure is shared by the world’s number 1 Suncare brand, NIVEA SUN, as it officially kicks off summer with its new product that is set to revolutionize the way you tan. If you think that tanning and sunscreen protection do not mesh well together, NIVEA SUN shows you that it can, and proves that you can freely embrace the sun, without worry or compromise.

 The all-new NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze is specifically designed to let you take the utmost delight in basking under the sun for that even, beautiful tan. You get a sunscreen that works with the skin’s natural tanning process by stimulating melanin production, all while caring for the skin with immediate and optimum UV protection in one bottle!

 “This is a product that took years of extensive research, and we were inspired by the natural tanning process of the skin, while protecting it against sun damage and UV radiation. Now, you can get a naturally even, beautiful tan without risking sun damage anymore.” explains Jon Lee, Assistant Brand Manager for NIVEA SUN.

 Alex Schwieger, NIVEA Philippines’ Country Manager, adds, “This is the first-ever sunscreen on the market that can stimulate the skin’s natural tanning process, and at the same time enhance its built-in protective mechanism because of melanin production. And we couldn’t be any prouder with this discovery.”

 Sun worshippers can now enjoy the best of both worlds – tanning and sun protection, because NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze protects you against sun damage and premature skin aging. It is equipped with special UV filters that provide instant protection against harmful UVA and UVB radiation immediately, as you enjoy your subtle glowing tan.

 The best part is, it has no artificial colorants or bronzing agents. Because it naturally works with your skin’s own tanning process, your tan will look natural, even and beautiful. So just go and flaunt that glowing bronzed tan as you show off your skin with NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze.

 NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze Spray SPF20 200ml is priced at an SRP of P599.00 and will be available on February 2014 in all leading department stores, drug stores and supermarkets.

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