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I am here again.

If you read my previous post today I said that I made couple of accessories for a group Christmas Party which inspired me to create a Bollywood inspired face of the day.

I just wore this makeup for an hour just to take photos. hahaha

Here’s the result.

Accessories: Multi-colored Connecting Bracelet, Head Piece, and Earrings

Bollywood Makeup

I noticed that Bollywood makeup is all about the Kohl Eyeliner rimmed around the eyes. I used a liquid eyeliner from Snoe’s future collection sample to intensify the look.

Bollywood Accessories


Another thing I noticed was they use vibrant color for the eyes. I put petroleum jelly on the eye shadow to make the color pop out.

I need a decent lash glue because the glue I used didn’t make the lashes adhere. These lashes are from Snoe’s Future Collection too.


I do not know if I am going to like the bright LED in my room it makes my recent photos super bright. hahaha

I just want to thank my former editorial superior from college, Ate Joane for trusting my humble store for their orders.

I hope you could share and like the page too. We do not just sell the latest accessories in the market we also customize according to your preferences. Sammy Sari Store is a joint venture with my mom-in-law (here comes the in law again, I promise to post my insights about them. haha)

Did I pull off the look?

Let me know below.


P.S. Camera used Canon Powershot S90 / Lighting: Firefly LED

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