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Bonding is one best way to preserve any relationships. I do not have much friends but my husband does. He is in touch with his childhood, high school, and college friends. For his high school friends, the nerdy ones, our bonding place is at the Hungry Meeples Comfort Food and Games.

Our consideration for a bonding place is accessible, has good food, has fun element, and quiet (well for me, I am not a fan of crowded and noisy places). We’ve been to Hungry Meeples around four times already, and we do not want to stop the tradition.

About Hungry Meeples

Source: Hungry Meeples Website 

Hungry Meeples is a restaurant, Board Games & Events Place in Quezon City. Its mission is to offer people comfort food and a place where they can relax with their friends.

The space can accommodate up to 80 people. Their menu has appetizers, rice meal, booze, kiddie meal, coffee, and a lot more. They have the coolest the name for the dish too. They have named some food after some games.

Hungry Meeples Rates

You can play unlimited for a minimum consumption rate of PHP 200; while the play rate is PHP 50 every two hours on weekdays and PHP 75 per two hours on weekends.


They have game gurus ready to recommend games and instruct your group. Basement parking is available, but limited as they share the parking with a salon, coffee shop, and karaoke bar. You may park along the streets or pay parking in a small mall beside it.

They also accept events, quiz nights, and anything you can think of (at least based on my imagination). I can see the place as flexible and conducive enough for events.

Available Games

Most of their games are table top games, name it, from board games, card games, dice games, miniature war game, tile-based game, and any other games played on a table or on a surface.


They have a lot more, we usually spend 3-4 hours to play over nachos and beer.


The place is spacious. It is full on weekend nights but you can find a spot you can enjoy especially in the wee hours.

The food is delicious, my favorites are the NACHOS OF CATAN (PHP 495), it is huge; STREET FIGHTER (PHP 145) your street food gourmet style; ADOBO TWISTER (PHP 210 / PHP 380) cause it comes in two sizes; and the BANANA STRIKES BACK (PHP 120 / PHP 210) I seriously want to order this to go.

Did I mention that they are affordable too?  Check the complete menu here.

The staffs are friendly, even if we are screaming when we play Bad Dog. They are pretty attentive too.

Final Words

I urge to have your own bonding time in places like this. Aside that it strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones. It has other benefits for yourself too. Playing games like this is a mental exercise, it reduces stress, it makes you happy, it trains your memory and cognitive skills and many more.

I find playing board games way better than video games because I suck at it and any mystery solved by laughter or a defeat is a memory gained you will cherish forever.

Hungry Meeples is at Unit 302 Pinnacle Building, Congressional Avenue Extension, Quezon City. They are open from Tuesday – Thursday from 4:00 PM – 12:00 MN and Friday – Sunday from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Oh by the way, Hungry Meeples is celebrating their first year anniversary on October 14, come visit their Facebook to learn more. It is FREE admission you guys!

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