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Craft n’ Plan Fair 2017

Taking some breather, last month I accompanied my best friend Ferrywrites at the Craft n’ Plan Fair 2017 in Festival Mall, Alabang. Can you imagine how I love her? I travelled from North to South just to be with her. I am amazed by community gatherings, I love crafting, but I keep them as I find them ugly. LOL I stay away from gatherings where we’ll open up our planners only to see that mine is a disaster. LOL


It was a two-day event where there are workshops and booths from different crafting merchants. Ferry, my best friend had a booth space and she sold her planner stickers and Washi tapes. As for first timers, we never thought that day 1 will have a great turnout (ROI achieved). I also added some items from my Lolita Shop like the DIY paper clips my mom-in-law made, I sold one on the first day.

I skipped the second day since Sunday is a family and rest day for me. Ferry told me they had some sessions like Bible Journaling, which I find interesting.

The Organizers

Organized by Southern Bellas Planner Community, if I listened to Ferry correctly. They have a regular meet-up where they will be in one place and do their planning business. Let me tell you, planning, journaling, and crafting is a serious business. Well, at least for me, I see to it that my planners are up to date because if not, I’ll lose my sanity.

It was fortunate that Festival Mall invited the group to have their August meet up there. As a result, outsiders (cause I am from the North) like I am can take a sneak peek of their community.

I window shopped thrice and end up buying my customized Traveller’s Notebook form Planners & Journals It excites me to get my hands on it  and prepare myself to conquer 2018.

Going out of my craft closet

As I start to maneuver my life, I’ll be sharing more about myself.  Nonetheless, I hope you will find them helpful in your daily life, even it is not makeup posts most of the time. Oh, I will collaborate with Ferry for planner stickers as I am the generalist planner type of girl. Watch out for that okay?

craft n plan fair

Raise your hands if you are a planner girl.

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