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I have been using a smart phone for a year now and I liked how it made my life easier and less boring. Although I the battery drains very fast especially if your data connection is turned on electricity is accessible so charging is easy. I just hope my battery will not explode from too much charging.

Today I am reviewing a mobile application that will wow readers. Or at least someone like me who loves to read. I am talking about Press Reader.

Description (from Google Play)

Over 2,100 full-content newspapers from 95 countries in 54 languages in just one app!

With its high-definition PDF rendering engine and Smart Flow “intelligent” horizontal news presentation, Press Reader provides Android users with the most immersive and rewarding way to experience the world’s best press.

★ “The Press Reader app from Newspaper Direct is second-to-none for newspaper reading.” Gregg Ellman, Technology Columnist for McClatchy/Tribune

★ “Press Reader offers a more traditional newspaper-reading experience than any other iPad app.” Rick Broida, CNET

If you’re looking for the ultimate reading experience for your favorite newspapers and magazines, then you have to try Press Reader 4.0. With its brand new PDF rendering engine and Smart Flow content presentation design, Press Reader is without a doubt the most satisfying, engaging, feature-rich and entertaining newspaper and magazine reading application you’ll ever use.

Browse, zoom in and read full digital replicas of thousands of newspapers and magazines from 95 countries just like you would in print. Or journey through the attention-grabbing Smart Flow stream of articles where visual clues will not only enhance your reading experience, they will reveal new gems of content you’ll be delighted to discover.

Press Reader 4.0 is rich with features, including:

✓ Auto-delivery of your favorite publications
✓ Attention-grabbing Smart Flow stream
✓ Sharing stories by email or on Facebook or Twitter
✓ Saving articles to Evernote or Instapaper
✓ Listening to articles using on-demand audio
✓ Copying & pasting entire articles into note taking applications
✓ Sharing your opinion by supporting or opposing a story
✓ Adjusting font size and type
✓ Automatically aligning with the beginning of an article using the option SmartZoom feature
✓ Cross title search
✓ Authorization of Press Reader with a subscription

*Smart Flow can be enabled or disabled in PressReader’s Setting menu (By default, Smart Flow will either be turned on or off depending on screen resolution. Smart Flow is not available on Gingerbread operated devices).

When I installed it the main page showed local broadsheets and tabloid.



For English broadsheets the on demand audio is working. This is very good if you are on the road as reading in gadgets while in motion is not a good idea. I like that I will learn about the right pronunciation. It’s like I am listening to CNN but the news are all local.

As for Tagalog/Filipino tabloids the audio is not available. Since my screen is small I really cannot enjoy  reading without zooming it. If you have at least 3” above screens this very suitable.

You need to download the newspaper first before you can navigate it. The selection refreshes everyday. Once you have downloaded your chosen newspaper you can do back reads even without internet connection.

You can also check out other countries newspaper too.


This will be very educational for everyone.

If you want to read all the papers for today you have to download everything.

This requires registration and/or fee in the future. The trial account is good for three months only.

If you are someone whose work is related to various newspaper or you will spend dimes for your hobby, I will recommend this app.

This is sometimes pre-installed in your devices unlike for my Android GingerBread it is not.

Has anyone downloaded or have it pre installed in their devices?

I am very curious to know.


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