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Walking alone in the mall can be dangerous in your wallet but this colored eyeliner is simply irresistible. I was really looking for a heat protectant spray that night and then I entered Dollar Store in Greenfield District. I’ve been in the same store in Farmer’s Cubao and they have more products there.

I cannot find the spray I was looking for. So I decided to look somewhere else and spotted these colored eyeliners.

Colored eyeliners are in this year and the tag says it is just Php69.00 who am I not to try it out?

Product description

Cherimoya’s award-worthy long lasting and smudge-proof liquid eyeliner recipe in 6 additional Elektrifying colors for punk-chic or runway-trendy eyes

Mischievous and unfathomably trendy, the Elektra Doll species is rather mysterious. Cute and spunky, but also at times dark and unpredictable, an Elektra Doll is
spontaneously up for anything. Beware, for you may never know when an Elektra Doll will creep up on you to cause a bit of mischief. At least you can always count on her to look untraditionally drop dead gorgeous while doing so.

Available in 6 colors

I got purple shimmer and Jade green shimmer.

It has a very thin applicator which is very good for precise application.

This Voodoo graphics made it more attractive to me.

As for the swatch,

In all fairness, one swipe goes a long way. It’s vey pigmented the color in the bottle is the same as the color in my hand.

Once completely dry it is smudged proof. I am really excited to try this out, I am just waiting for the right occasion to sport a colored lined eyes.

I checked Cherimoya’s website and I saw interesting makeups so I might visit other US Dollar Store here (it’s like Daiso and Saizen readers) and find more makeups from them. I hope to find a lot.


Quick review eh?

Yes indeed.



About the Company

Welcome to the world of Cherimoya.

A new generation of cosmetics that is always on the rise to fulfill the divinity of its name, Makeup Cherimoya was a well-kept secret that is finally being unveiled.

The combination of technology judging each microscopic pigment of color in perfection, along with an ageless pursuit of achieving beauty both classic and innovative, brings us to present day Cherimoya cosmetics: intricately colorful, ornamental and delicate, yet simply beautiful, attainable and applicable.

The boundless array of our eyeshadow and lipstick shades, avant-garde mascaras and tools, skin-friendly powders and pencils, the immaculately incomparable quality of our diverse nail lacquers, and the delicious suspense of what’s brewing in our beauty laboratory are what make Makeup Cherimoya both the most feared and desired newcomer in the industry.

The inedible version of the rare fruit that is often described to have the taste of more than ten different fruits, Makeup Cherimoya allows you to achieve all the diverse looks you want with simply just one unparalleled set of cosmetics.



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