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SM Beauty Department Store |P300 (on sale)

Concealers are my best friend. My under eye circles are really dark, it’s like I am a raccoon or a panda everyday. I’ve once tried the Essence concealer wheel, but when I asked for it again, I was given this Catrice All Around Concealer.

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If you are not familiar with color correcting concealers, Green helps cover up redness; Red/Orange helps with dark circles, bruises, and broke capilliaries, while the Beige is for us to mix and find the right shade to cover other blemishes.

This concealer is light, it’s not as thick as other concealer available, but it does the job. Its consistency is between waxy and creamy. Some concealer like this needs to be heated, with this one your warm finger can do the job.

I used the Red concealer here most of the time. After that I used my Faceshop Phytogenic Concealer to blend.

red concealer catrice

karen bordador_sam lanuza_catrice

See how my dark circle went away? Of course, it’s still puffy there is another solution for that.

What I like:

  • Consistency
  • Does not crease under the concealer
  • It cancels out dark circles
  • Easy to blend
  • Just the right pigment

What I don’t like:

  • The casing, it’s flimsy.

Any drug store recommendation for correcting concealer?



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