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December was the month of comfort food and since the house is undergoing renovation (in-laws’ house), I can’t do decent cooking, plus I became lazy taking photos before I attack them.

Last Sunday, a place called Cheddar Burst the home of Juicy Lucy  Burgers, caught our eyes. If I remember correctly, first time I learned about Juicy Lucy was in Man vs. Food, we tried doing it, but my cheese didn’t melt.

The place is small, I guess it caters to foodies who happen to be hungry during wee hours. More of a “take out” (to go) establishment.

I ordered BBQ Juicy Lucy.


For P200, you get a decent amount of fries, 1/3 lbs. beef patty, and 8 oz. Iced tea.


It has a similar taste to Burger King’s Whopper Burgers because of the barbecue sauce. It also has potato chips, tomatoes, and caramelized onions.

The burger itself is delicious. It’s not overdone nor raw. The cheese inside, cheddar cheese, really burst out as it melts.

They gave you gloves when they serve it.

I have to say, the fries were slightly overcooked while the Iced Tea, ugh, not a fan of the iced tea, I think they should change it or mix it right.

Overall, I would recommend to try their burgers, and try their best sellers. I would say, I like their patty better than the Bypass Burger I tried.

Cheddar Burst is located at #82 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City.  

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