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A quickie. 

I remembered the crazy sale last December on cosmetics. When I passed by at the Essence counter, I saw this bad ass nude lip gloss for P150.

The name is a little contradicting cause it says lip gloss but it’s matte. This one is available in three shades and according to the SA, this one is the best seller. (I got the rose shade too, and still waiting for the coffee shade to be available)

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The tube is a typical gloss container but with a straight applicator. It smells like brown sugar / subtle vanilla. It has a silky texture (similar to NYX SMLC), pigmented, and not drying. I like it because it’s not too nude nor too pink.

As for the longevity I would say 2-4 hours. If you have dry, chapped lips, it will settle between the line and the dry skin.

As per its packaging, this will last up to 24 months, but I doubt it, if you are going to use it every day.

Overall, this became a staple in my bag as it gives me the “lips but better” look.

Quezon City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 1/25/16

What are your favorite nudes?



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