Current Bath Loves from All Organics (Part II)

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Hello again,

Let’s immediately go to part II (I am very enthusiastic).

For my body scrub I used this.


It is called Strawberry Bearberry – Clarifying Whitening Body Scrub made from Strawberry extract, oils of sunflower, virgin coconut oil, apricot seeds, vegetable glycerin and Vitamin E.

So much food for the skin right?

Let me do a quick research regarding the ingredients via Google.

  1. Strawberry – Clears up acne, reduce oiliness, make skin younger and smoother, etc.
  2. Bearberry – can remove stubborn pigmented areas on skin, whitening
  3. Sunflower Oil – reduces general redness on skin, moisturizing, heals skin various  disease
  4. Virgin Coconut Oil – moisturizing, heals various skin diseases, delays sagging and wrinkles, has antioxidants
  5. Apricot Seed – removes dead skin cells, makes the skin more elastic and supple, repairs tissue, has vitamins A, C, and E, improves blood circulation
  6. Vegetable Glycerin – anti-aging, moisturizing, draws oxygen to the skin
  7. Vitamin E – Sun Protection, regulates Vitamin A, anti-aging, treatment of scars, reduce the appearance stretch marks, and a lot more.

This scrub doesn’t hurt when you use it, you may feel that it’s not removing any dead skin at all (but it does), it smells so good.

I forgot to take a photo of the actual scrub but it looks like strawberry yogurt with beads. I was told to use it 2 – 3 times a week only to prevent over stripping of the skin. No need to use soap just rinse.

I like to use strawberry body butter afterwards to make the scent last longer.

I smell so good. Thumbs up by the way it’s 110 grams at Php 215 worth buying ladies.


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